Bakewell Gugelhupf

These are my Bakewell tart themed mini gugelhupf cakes. I made them after our fridge broke down, suddenly, all these zombie preserves from the forgotten beyond saw the light of day. One of them was half a jar of cocktail cherries. I once bought them to make a giant trifle for a party (I have a weakness for fruit trifle with cocktail cherries…). Despite the mind-boggling size of the trifle, I did not manage to finish the jar. Not in a position to make, let alone store, another trifleviathan, I had to think of something else. Along came the diary reminder of two birthdays and the idea was born: Bakewell cakes! Why did I now make Bakewell tarts? Because they are too damn sweet! The only time I’ve been able to get one of those down was after a charity ice swim. (Sugar works wonders against hypothermia.)

As far as I can remember, the recipe went as follows:

175 g butter
175 g sugar
3 eggs
about 100 g self-raising flour
about 100g ground almonds
chopped cocktail cherries
bitter almond essence
dash of rose water
dash of lemon or orange juice

I also added some chocolate sprinkle, as my mum has sent me about 8 packets of them by now. (Help!!)

I then put the dough into the moulds and baked them at about Gas Mark 4 (the oven is not very precise) for about 30 mins.


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