I have lately become rather obsessed with crêpes: both the kind of sweet breakfast crêpes with lemon and golden syrup, and the savoury variety, made either with wheat or buckwheat flour. While I don’t have a crêpe-pan (yet), my beautiful co-chef does. At her place, we made these tasty beauties with parsley-garlic mushroom-egg filling and pepper-tomato-egg filling. Mmmmmh!

First, make a buckwheat crêpe liquid. There are so many different ‘sarrasin’ (buckwheat) crêpe recipes, it’s difficult to choose. So I basially just try a different one each time I make them until I’m happy. The ones below I made with:

1 egg
about 330 g buckwheat flour
750 ml water
1 tsp salt

Leave to stand for about 2 hours.

I fried the crêpes in some leftover oil from a tasty tomato dish, so they would take on the flavour. First, you fry them on one side, then the other. While the second side is becoming crispy, you make the filling.

I like egg in my crêpes, so I crack open an egg on top, let it set for a bit, and then add other stuff (e.g. leftovers from the day before). No worries if the topping (or the crêpe) is a bit messy.

When the egg white is starting to become solid, you flip over the sides, turn the crepe round and fry it for a little bit longer. You then transfer it to a plate as above. To show you what the underside looks like, I’ve flipped it over the wrong way (accompanied by a tasty baked tomato with bread crumble, garlic, oil and parsley topping!).

It’s a great way of recycling leftovers & you can also make lots of crêpes (unfilled) in one sitting, keep them in the fridge and refry them for days on end, each time with different fillings/leftovers).


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