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Okay, this is ‘only’ a ‘human recipe generator’ (me), so I’m afraid I cannot provide recipes instantly (sometimes I can 😉 ).

Anyway, if you have a few potential ingredients at home, and you don’t know what to do with them, you can write them down in the comment section of this page along with your e-mail. I will then try to generate you a recipe as soon as I’ve got a moment.


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  1. Good idea 🙂

    I love coming up with recipes for whatever’s there too. Actually usually even more than shopping for one specific recipe.

    Anyway, here’s a first challenge:
    I have too many eggs, potatoes and some wilted spring onions. Also sour cream and quark. What do you suggest?

    • Hi.
      I haven’t yet had a chance to go shopping, but i’ve got ground beef, tomato paste, rice, and spaghetti noodles. Carrots, onions, various spices, and plenty of canned soup.
      Ive also got a very picky fiance who refuses to eat spaghetti, and no meal ideas for tonight.
      if you could help that would be much appreciated. 🙂

      • Hi Alysha! Just a quick one before going to bed (it’s 1 am here)… you could either make a hot pot/casserole, a soup, meat balls with tomato sauce and vegetables (or vegetable-tomato sauce) or a bake.
        Hot Pot: a bit like a chilli, but without the beans. Fry onions & spices, add some chopped carrots if you like, add ground beef. Fry beef until cooked. Add some water or stock and either tomato paste or canned soup. Cook some more until the flavours develop properly. Serve with rice!
        Soup: Like the hot pot, but more liquid in texture. You can also make a vegetable soup and turn the mince meat into dumplings.
        Meat balls: in a bowl, combine mince meat, onions, spices and salt (and, if you got: a bit of egg and soaked & squeezed out dried bread – if not, use a bit of flour or something to make the mince stick together better during the frying process). Shape dumplings and fry (and/or boil in the soup). You can make a sauce using the tomato paste, water and spices and, if you like, the carrots and onions (you might want to put the sauce into the blender if adding these vegetables). Serve with rice.
        Bake: make meat balls or burgers out of the beef (see above), chop carrots and onions into large-ish chunks. Rub the vegetables with a bit of oil, salt and spices/herbs. Put beef patties and vegetables into an ovenproof bowl with some oil and a dash of water. Leave to roast. You can also make a loaf out of the ground beef to give it more of a roast dinner feel. Serve with tomato sauce and rice.
        Hope these ideas are useful & you don’t have to go shopping!

  2. Well, you could for example do a potato bake, potato cakes, cream of potato soup or a Spanish Omelette type thing. If you have flour, you can make potato & spring onion quiche.

    For the potato bake: peel & slice the potatoes & the spring onions, mix eggs with sour cream (and quark if you want) and add any kind of spices or cheese on top if you want. You could also acquire cabbage, beans and onions to throw in with the mix like my fellow cook at the Food Chain does.

    For the potato cakes: Make mashed potato. Fry chopped spring onions and add with sour cream, quark and eggs to the potato mix. If you have breadcrumbs, coat the potato cakes with them before either baking or frying them.

    For the omelette: chop potatoes finely, fry them a little, then pour egg-sour-cream-spring onion mix over them. Leave at low heat to set.

    For the potato soup: Fry spring onions with small potato cubes. Pour over some salted/spiced water or stock. Leave to simmer until done. Put through the blender and stir in some sour cream/quark.

    For the quiche: make quiche dough (flour, salt, sour cream). Pre-cook or bake potatoes, slice and put onto cooked quiche pastry with spring onions. Pour over egg – cream/quark – spices mixture. Bake for approx half an hour.

    Those any good? 🙂

  3. Right. Also had some leftover cooked cauliflower today so just fried a few potatoes and threw in the cauliflower when they were almost done.

    Still more potatoes left though, and spring onions _really_ have to be used within the next 2 days, so I think omelette it will be, possibly with sour cream dip? Oooh, the possibilities!

  4. I really need help here, I need to figure out a few main dishes here cause I’m broke until NEXT friday.

    This is what I have:

    1/2 bottle of japanese plum wine (prolly flat)
    1/2 bottle of Lambrusco (also prolly flat)
    HUGE jar of pickle spears
    large jar of onion slices pickled in jalepeno juice
    3 cooked leftover thin skillet steaks
    12 pack of coke zero
    1/2 of a soggy subway sandwich
    1/2 bag of precooked breaded chicken patties
    frozen broccoli
    frozen crab
    canned salmon
    instant mashed potatos
    pasta (alot)
    tomato sauce
    canned mandarin orange segments
    boxed stuffing mix
    misc cereals
    instant oatmeal
    canned tuna
    canned green chile enchilada sauce
    canned tomatos
    hot dogs
    ranch dressing
    old baby carrots
    corn tortillias
    6 pack of v8
    lasagna noodles
    cranberry sauce
    canned corn

    As you can see, I have a ton of mismatched stuff. My husband is a picky eater and I need at least 8 different dinner recipes. Please help!

  5. Hi!

    Well, that sounds a bit like the kind of stuff we used to have at one of my previous workplaces, apart from a few things I’m unfamiliar with such as ‘Ranch dressing’ (are you American by any chance?) which I had to look up. Assuming you like all these ingredients in any combination, here is what me and my colleagues assembled at work plus some other suggestions:

    At work, a ‘hit’ was always tuna-tomato-pasta, although it looks pretty gross. I would suggest to turn it into something more appetising, such as a tomato-tuna lasagne or a tomato-tuna ‘fisherman’s pie’ with your instant mash potato. Just mix the canned tomatoes with tuna and, if you want, some of your veg, and… do you have any spices or stuff like onions or garlic? Basically, you make a tuna-tomato sauce and layer it with either pasta or top it with mashed potato and bake it in the oven.

    If you cut of any still-dry bread from your subway sandwich, you can toast it dry, grate it and use it as batter for making potato-fishcakes with your tin salmon and instant mash potato. Just mix the tin salmon with mashed potato and, if you want, some mustard, salt and spices, make patties and put breadcrumbs round them. Then fry, deep-fry or bake them. Maybe make a salad to go with them from your pickles and ranch dressing – and maybe also have cranberry sauce as a dip.

    Another thing I see here is sausage casserole: use tomatoes as base (preferably with onions, garlic, spices or use a bit of enchilada sauce – or all of it!), put in chopped hot dogs, carrots and other vegetables you like and serve it as a ‘hot pot’ with dumplings made from stuffing mix and/or mashed potato. Feel free to also put some wine in here.

    The chicken patties you could also cut up and use with the corn tortillas, the enchilada sauce and ranch dressing – and maybe cranberry sauce. Alternatively, you could serve the chicken patties or the steaks ‘British/German roast style’ with vegetables, stuffing balls, cranberry sauce and mashed potato balls deep-fried in breadcrumbs.

    The crab I would either put into a soup or see if you can combine it with the above ‘mexican’ suggestion. The soup it probably better. You can make so many different kinds of crab soup. I once saw a recipe for crab soup with had barley and tomatoes in it or you could use your oats. I personally have made anything with crab, but I have observed cooks in Chinese restaurants making so many different dishes with them. It is difficult to make a decent stock with anything frozen, so your soup would either have to rely on the crabmeat producing flavour or some ingredients that overpower the blandness.
    Options would be:
    1. Crème of crab soup, based on béchamel-sauce (flour, butter, milk, stock, alcohol)
    2. Hearty crab-soup with stock made with hot-dogs, enchilada sauce and other hot stuff, then put in vegetables and crabmeat. You could even sacrifice one of your steaks.
    3. Chinese-style crabmeat and corn soup by crossing a few Chinese recipes (e.g. sweet and sour with tomatoes)

    More to follow in a few minutes…

  6. Something that I am personally very fond of is tomato soup with oats. Which friends derogatively call my ‘tomato porridge’. It’s tomato soup with fried oats used instead of expensive rice. It tastes just like my grandma’s tomato and rice soup. I also fry onions with the oats and sometimes garlic or ginger or other spices. Your problem might be to make a decent tomato soup from tin tomatoes. Usually it’s easier (quicker) to make it from tomato puree. But you can also blend tin tomatoes and maybe experiment with your other tomato sauces!

    Hey, you can even make puddings such as jello with mandarin pieces or jello with some wine or other alcohol and, if you feel like buying some whipping cream, you can put the alcoholised and firm jello into a blender with whipped cream. Serve with mandarin pieces.

    You could also make a mustard-sauce with the steaks and have them with mashed potatoes or the above mentioned battered mashed potato balls.

    If you can buy bread (or feel like recycling some of the sub), you could make chicken burgers with ranch dressing or cranberry-ranch dressing and pickles (maybe some grated baby carrots and sweetcorn salad as a side dish?).

    There is also a funny British dish called ‘Toad in a Hole’, which you could modify using a combination of stuffing mix and mashed potatoes with the hot dogs.

    I’ve never had coke zero – does it freeze successfully when you let it go flat? That would also make a nice dessert! (I’m a great fan of home-made ice lollies).

    It’s good that you have so much pasta. You can do near infinite variations on them – it just depends on how often you can bear eating pasta, and whether you want to ‘sacrifice’ any of the meat you could potentially use for other main dishes. If you have a mincer, you could even make lasagna or carbonara sauce by mincing the steaks!

    Is this any help so far? Let me know if you want anything in a slightly more concrete form or if you have any ingredients you have not mentioned in this list (milk, butter, spices?) or have a small budget for extra ingredients (e.g. if there is a cheap outdoor market round the corner).

  7. This may sound silly, but I’ve been up all night and even though I hoped for a response, never thought I would get one so quickly. So THANK YOU! 🙂

    Yes, I’m American, sorry. 🙂 Last night was day one of Dinner: Impossible. I ended up in a panic and sliced up the steaks and some onion and fried them with some seasoning and made fajitas. I topped them with sour cream and what little cheddar cheese I had left. Stupidly I used all the steak, (my husband has a big appetite and ate it all!) I had som canned black beans and mashed them up to put in the fajitas. I ended up eating only a small piece of cake for dinner since there was no fajitas left.

    I don’t have any regular milk but do have butter and spices. I’m worried about making sure that I have enough protien in my meals to keep my Husband happy.

    About the crab, I usually make an alfredo sauce and some pasta and put the crab in and he loves it, but I dont have any milk for the alfredo, might you have an alternative idea?

    As for the canned tuna and salmon, they are the only protien I have in the house now. I did find I had bread crumbs in the counter. Do you think it would be ok to make tuna patties out of the tuna, breadcrumbs, maybe shredded carrot and some egg?

    I really do appreciate all your help, but I’ll be honest, his pallete isn’t very sophisticated, He’s into hamburgers and french fries, so the simpler the better. He wont eat soup, though I love it. I’m interested about your Toad in the Hole recipe. Is that like pigs in a blanket? As for extra ingredients, I literally have maybe $3.00.

  8. Shame your husband does not like soups. I just remembered that I once made a delicious soup with V8 as a base!

    Yes, I looked up ‘Pigs in a blanket’, and it seems very similar to ‘Toad in the hole’. What funny names people make up for dishes! A typical example for the British version would be this one.
    You could leave away the lard and the bacon.

    At work, my co-workers usually just dumped a few sausages into an oven tray of batter mix and let it rise to cover the sausages. That was then served with mash. I thought it was a bit bland, so I tried making different batters and mashed potatoes. I found mustard mashed potatoes worked well with it. One day, one of my colleagues accidentally used some sage stuffing mix instead of a second packet of batter mix, and it tasted alright. But you could try adding other types of ‘covers’ for the sausages.

    Your tuna patty idea sounds great. I’ve got a burger recipe here, which might also help:

    As for the Alfredo sauce alternative I don’t know how close you want to stay to the taste. It’s like a garlicy, cheesy type of Bechamel sauce, right? That would be pretty difficult with what you’ve currently got. Could you make a tomato sauce with crab meat in it or have it really stripped down. For instance, I sometimes just eat my pasta with some oil and some minced herbs and a couple of sliced mushrooms. You could take some dried herbs or spices with some salt, leave them in the oil for a few hours (with or without the crab meat) and make some sort of ‘crab pesto’ to go with the pasta. The pickle spears and the broccoli might even come in handy if finely chopped. What do you think?

  9. Thank you so much for your help thus far. Luckily today I had an unexpected windfall and was able to get my hands on some more groceries.

    I was able to get the following:

    3lbs of Ground hamburger meat
    green onion
    hearts of romaine
    2 pkg of instant alfredo sauce
    4 eye of round cut steaks.
    frozen french fries
    eggs, (I only had 1, I used it tonight, now i have 18!)
    misc fruits
    1lb of preshredded cheese
    grape tomatos

    I think I now have the makings of quite a few meals. Tonight I made salmon patties. I used 1 can of salmon and picked out most of the bones and put it in a large mixing bowl. I added breadcrumbs, grated carrot and the last egg I had as a binder. I mixed it all up by hand and made 3 balls out of it. I poured more breadcrumbs on a plate. I took a salmon ball and shaped it into a patty and pressed in into the plate of breadcrumbs and coated it on both sides. I had a skillet with a little olive oil hot in the pan and fried up the patties. I served it with some japanese style fried rice and topped off both with soy sauce. He loved it.

    For lunch I tried some pasta with the herbs and mushrooms and found it fantastic.

    Are you English? Hubby and I were talking tonight about when he visited England and they had something called a 7 second burger… sounds scarey but he said it was good.

  10. That sounds like you’ve got quite a lot of meals to choose from with all those ingredients you’ve got now. I can see a Spanish Omelette in there with frozen French fries and salad, burgers, several kinds of pasta sauces (you can make pasta bake with cheese now, too!) etc. Congratulations!
    By the way, the pasta also tastes good with something nutty in it, but nuts are not always easy to come by.
    As far as I know, Wendy’s fast food restaurant does 7-second-burgers. They are put together in 7 seconds, but the burger patty is fried as normal before they start counting 😉
    I’m not English, but I’ve lived here for almost exactly ten years now. I’m from Germany originally, but most of my professional or volunteer cooking experience I’ve had in England with cooks from all over the world. I keep on learning new things every month! Am currently being initiated into Iranian and different kinds of African cooking. Very fascinating… and TASTY!

  11. That sounds facinating! If you have any Iranian or African recipe’s to share, I’d love to try them out!

  12. Oh, And I wanted to add that I lived in Germany for 5 years. In Kaiserslautern.

  13. Hi Cyrillia,

    I just wanted to give you a helpful hint re: stretching your grocery budget. With your unexpected windfall, you could have taken it a bit further if you had purchased unshredded cheese and potatoes, rather than shredded cheese and frozen french fries. A bag of potatoes is soooooo cheap and making roasted potatoes in the oven is healthier than french fries anyway. I just toss about 4 or 5 potatoes with 1/3 vegetable oil (in a baggie or a plastic tupperware container). Then you can season them with whatever you have on hand (seasoning salt, garlic, pepper, parmesan cheese, rosemary, whatever) and they are sooooo good and soooo cheap!

    Also, I buy a giant rectangle of cheese and shred it myself. You can freeze the cheese in individual baggies and save yourself a ton of money that way.

    Just remember — you pay dearly for convenience!

    Oh — and flank steak is an inexpensive but lean and tasty cut of beef. If you marinate it for several hours in soy sauce and honey (you could even top it with those green onions), it grills beautifully.

    I’m kind of in the same boat — but by choice. We are trying out a new budget and I have about $70 to feed my family of 4 for the rest of the month. I just took inventory of my very diverse pantry and I am looking forward to coming up with some creative menus and filling in with the $70 for the rest! 🙂

  14. Hey there,
    I’m a college student in Honolulu, my roommate and I bought a buck of groceries like two weeks ago that we thought would last us for at least the month but we ended up feeding all of our (also broke) friends so now we don’t have much to work with and still need to try to make the rest of what we have last. I usually have a little bit of extra cash for additional ingredients, but not much — I’d really like to be able to take what we have and stretch it as far as possible. Here’s what we have:

    oatmeal, crispy rice cereal, fritos, nature’s valley granola bars, sky flakes crackers, several cans of tuna, 1 can spam, 1 can clam chowder, pancake mix, brown rice, lots of ramen noodles, dry manicotti noodles, garlic and herb and parma rosa pasta sauce mixes, lots of spaghetti sauce

    In the fridge:
    bread, bagels, butter, cooked beans, strawberry jelly, peanut butter, tortillas, soba noodles, tortillas, cream cheese, dill pickles, sweet relish, old grapes, pineapple and papaya fruit cups, soy milk, sour cream, miso paste, red potatoes, several large mushrooms and a cucumber

    frozen stir fry veggies, broccoli, edamame, portuguese sausage, ground beef, hamburger patties, precooked breaded chicken strips, frozen shrimp (alot), ahi tuna steaks, green chile, orange juice and pot stickers

    Our condiments and spices include:
    Ketchup, yellow Mustard, dijon mustard, black bean garlic sauce, bbq sauce, soy sauce, maple syrup, stir fry sauce, mayo, Worcestershire sauce, whole garlic cloves, garlic salt, lemon pepper, red chile powder, oregano, furukake, cinnamon, basalmic vinegarette and sesame ginger salad dressing

    any ideas you could give us would be great!! thanks for the help!

  15. Hi!

    I’m just about to go to bed, but I will try and give you some quick ideas before I go off to the land of nod.
    I would try to get some fresh vegetables and make something along the lines of:

    • Fish stir fry with brown rice
    • Meatballs with spaghetti sauce
    • Tuna steaks (e.g. turned in lemon pepper, crushed garlic, salt and chilli powder mix) with fried potato slices and veg
    • Fried pot stickers with a dip made from your condiments (not sure what these dumplings taste like – I can only guess from previous dumplings) or dumpling soup (can you put them in clam chowder?)
    • Hamburger bagels with dill pickles and BBQ sauce, or have leave the pickles out and use them in a cucumber salad (possibly with some grapes or papaya if you like sweet and sour)
    • Chicken wraps (if you have soft tortillas) with pickles and relish or garlic sauce or make hard shell tortillas with either chicken or beans or chicken and something like edamae hummus (made from mashed edamame with miso and chilli powder for instance or maybe even ginger & sesame dressing – can also be eaten with Fritos I assume).
    • Take the batter of the chicken strips (or not) and make soba noodles with chicken, stir fry veg and peanut sauce (made with peanut butter and chilli powder) or make shrimp soba (can also be eaten cold as a salad with beans – I’ve seen the recipe on the net somewhere)
    • You could stir some mince into the pasta sauces and fill the manicotti noodles with it and top it with some cream cheese and see what that turns out like. Or top is with your garlic and herb sauce.
    • What about having savoury pancakes as a main meal – prepared like pizzas, filled with mushroom and garlic sauce or turned into wraps with BBQ sauce, veg and chicken? Or just make sweet ones with maple syrup and have something savoury as a dessert 😉
    • I also heard that in Honolulu, fried rice with spam is popular?
    • I’ve never frozen soya milk. Would it be possible to reheat the jam, stir in soya milk and make ice pops with it?
    • If need be, you can always add almost anything to ramen noodles (mushrooms, stir fry, broccoli, fish, shrimp).
    • I’ve never had clam chowder. Would it taste good if you added some of your frozen seafood to it (prefried or grilled shrimp/bits of tuna steak)?
    • Portuguese sausage seems to be eaten with fried spam and either eggs and/or rice. Have never had it before either. Can you make a sausage casserole with the pasta sauce, the potatoes and some broccoli with it?
    • Try making spam and potato dumplings with pasta sauce
    • A friend once made a surprisingly nice dish called ‘cabbage rice and beans’ from a student cookery book which is basically rice with cabbage (you could use your stir fry maybe) and a hot peanut sauce (I also added some sultanas). It sounds awful, but tastes very good!
    • I also once had a nice Thai potato curry with peanut sauce and rice.
    • If you want to make something British for a laugh you can even make some sort of cottage pie with mince, pasta sauce, some vegetables and a mash potato topping.
    • Garlic mushrooms rice are also great, but then I eat mostly vegetarian.

    That’s me for tonight. Will have another look at it tomorrow morning! 
    Here are some links to recipes that may serve as possible templates for your own experiments:

  16. hi! won’t be able to do the recipe generator for a couple of weeks as i’m gonna be without home internet!

  17. I hav some pre cooked chicken patties, lot’s of frozen vegetables (some have pasta and veggies, some are just veggies, some are veggies and rice.). I also have some veggie burgers, and some mac and cheese and am wondring what the best ways are to combine some or all of these into unique
    tasty meal(s).
    <<I have a new microwave oven,
    a toaster oven, and a crockpot, besides the stove top
    and the oven (>

    please send suggestions
    or post some here.


  18. Hi! Just got back a few hours ago!

    Uh, that’s quite a difficult one for me. I don’t know what your vegetables are, what’s inside your burgers or what other ingredients you have in the house, but I will give it a try!
    You could just have burgers with salad (if you have salad or frozen veg that can be turned into salad), like I’ve had tonight. You could try jazzing up your maccaroni & cheese with some chicken meat and vegetables and additional spices such as chilli powder or herbs. Or you could try making a rice casserole along the lines of jollof rice with your frozen rice & veg and maybe chopped chicken patties). You could also make a pasta bake with chopped veggie burgers or chicken patties. Or you could get some potatoes and layer potato slices (raw, fried or cooked) with bits of veggie burger and veg and grate some cheese over it. You could also batter your vegetables and have them with sweet chilli sauce.
    That’s it for the moment! Hope that sort of helps! 🙂

  19. the veggies are bow tie pasta and spinach leaves, carrots, red peppers from trader joe’s.
    other veggies are peas and carrots from whole foods or trader joe’s,
    curried rice with veggies (vegetable biryani) from trader joe’s, and I often add additional veggies.
    also vegetable fried rice and veggies (again I often add additional veggies) from trader joe’s, sometimes this also includes some chicken in it or just the plain without chicken in it.
    these are my staples of veggies that I try to keep stock in the freezer alot.

  20. thanks for your suggestions.:)
    I think I might try a casserole or something.

  21. Great. You could also make pancakes and fill them with chicken and creamy spinach!
    My grandma was also a great fan of chicken with curried rice and veg.

  22. Hi. Okay I don’t really know how this works but I’ll try. Theres 10 of us and I have no money till next month. So theres like 7 days that I have dinner and don’t know what to make.

    I have …..

    Tomato sauce
    3-4 five pound rolls of hamburger meat
    Lasagna noodles (lots)
    Sticky rice
    Canned corn
    Canned green beans
    Canned yams (but none of us like them)
    Instant oats
    1 Box instant potatoes
    5oz can tuna
    3-4 cans cream of mushrooms
    7 bags of blackeye peas
    5 Boxes of some kind of vegetable soup

    I think thats about all. But it has to be something easy to cook. I’m only 15. I’m also in the USA. But am willing to try different things (as long as they don’t look gross cause than my family won’t eat it, picky)
    Thanks alot. Ala

  23. Hi!
    That looks quite good. Not sure how much tomato sauce you’ve got (have you got any fresh vegetables e.g. onions or garlic?), but here are some potential recipes:

    Chilli/Chilli Burritos
    If you have onions, garlic or hot spices, fry them, then add hamburger meat (otherwise just fry hamburger meat). Add tomato sauce when meat is browned. You can cook some blackeye peas and add them to the mix and/or some drained corn. If you don’t want to use too much of the meat because you want it for something else, fry some uncooked rice with the meat and let it cook through in the meat/tomato sauce. (might need some water or stock added). You can then fill your burritos with this or have it with rice.

    If you leave away the hot spices (and the beans/corn), you can also use it as a lasagna filling. If you have milk, butter and flour, you can make your own white sauce (brown flour in butter, stir in milk bit by bit so you don’t get lumps, add salt, pepper – and nutmeg if you have – to taste) and if you have cheese, you can top it with that.

    Meat Balls with Tomato Sauce (or Mushroom sauce?)
    Make some meatballs by mixing hamburger meat with spices (don’t know if you have eggs, if not, don’t worry, if yes, add couple) and a bit of flour or grated dry bread if you want to (you can even use oats – a friend once told me about very tasty turkey and oat
    burgers, so it probably works with beef, too! You can even make burgers just from oats and a few other bits, but that’s maybe too crazy for your family!)
    Fry, grill or bake the meat balls. Serve them with tomato sauce and either pasta, roast potatoes or rice) and, if you want some veg, green beans. Is instant potato the stuff you use for mash? If yes, you could also have it with mash. If you want to use the meat for something else, make bean burgers or potato patties (with egg, flour or ground dried bread, spices). You could even add tuna to the potato patties.
    Not sure if cream of mushrooms is the same as in the UK, but maybe you could use it as an alternative sauce for the meatballs with some modifications?

    Potato & Blackbean Bake

    Peel & slice potatoes, cook black eyed peas. Make something a bit like the chilli, if you don’t want to use tomato sauce, use some of the vegetable soup instead. Cover with potato slices, put some oil, salt and spices over the potatoes and bake until potatoes are cooked & browned.
    You could also make a kind of potato moussaka by layering fried potato slices with the mince-mix and making a white sauce (see above). Can also be topped with cheese. If you don’t like white sauce or happen to have yoghurt, you can also paste that on top – yoghurt turns into tasty cheese in the oven!

    Chicken & Rice
    Again, I don’t know how the cream of mushrooms tastes like, but would it be possible to use it for a sauce for chicken that you could then have with rice (and green beans?).

    Vegetable Soup
    You could ‘beef up’ your vegetable soup and add potato cubes, pasta or rice, black beans, chopped green beans, small meat balls, chicken – and the yam (if any of you liked it).
    Just thinking: I’ve never had canned yam. Could you use some of it for making burgers/patties?

    If you feel adventurous, you could attempt a wine-less risotto. I don’t think I’ve ever made one, because I’m allergic to alcohol and my colleagues tend to make it, so I cannot give any advice there.

    Hope some of this helps. Let me know if you have any more questions. I have to shoot off to do some cooking now – it’s peanut butter & potato curry at this end!

  24. ok.. I have in my fridge

    little bit of spinach
    two beetroots
    parmesan cheese

    then I have – flour, a little bit of dried pasta and rice… and thats about it. i’m feeling entirely uninspired

  25. oh and i also have,
    frozen peas
    frozen beans
    frozen corn
    and some frozen pastry

    I have 2 lemons
    some black bananas
    and oranges

  26. and red lentils.

    That really is all this time

  27. alas I lied again, but not intentionally!

    I also have various spices, some fresh basil, 1 can of chick peas and some milk.


    There’s more all the time. This is what comes of opening the fridge/pantry and staring bereftly.

    I have a tin of crushed pineapple as well, BUT it has been in in one pantry or another (moving houses) for about the last 8 years so so don’t entirely trust it (it might contain new life forms) and as such have not been able to make myself open it.

  28. hi! you’ve got a lot of stuff there. are you looking for a one-off recipe for yourself or are you cooking for several days for several people?

    If it’s the former, I’d suggest a vegetable tart (made with the frozen pastry and whichever fresh vegetable you want on it) accompanied with beetroot & carrot salad. You could have baked bananas or another dessert involving mashed ripe bananas (banana ice, banana yoghurt if you happen to have some of that). Do you have eggs or cheese?

    Anyway, for the beetroot & carrot salad coarsely grate both types of vegetables and make a dressing from lemon juice – and if you have, salt, oil, and garlic.

    For the vegetable tart, use frozen pastry according to directions. You can then decide whether you want to make the tart just with roast vegetables, fresh basil, (olive) oil and (parmesan) cheese (this version can be eaten on its own or with a sauce), with a tomato base, an egg base a spinach base or a hummus-style base (made with chick peas).

    Other options depend on what kind of spices you’ve got and what you’re tastes are. Here are some examples:

    Beetroot & Celery Curry with Rice
    Tomato & Teriyaki vegetable hotpot (to Dungeon’s & Dragons players also known as ‘Flamestrike’s Soup’)
    Pasta bake with capsicum, spinach & onion
    Mediterranean Vegetable Soup (with or without pasta)

    Hope that is some inspiration…

  29. Hi

    Thanks, lots of ideas there. I think I will try the salad and a the tart tonight, I have some friends coming over so that should be good. I will have to get some eggs though.

    Thanks, thats a few different ideas for me. All I could think yesterday was stir fry or pasta which I have had far to often lately.

  30. So this is what I have on hand and hope to make something from. I don’t necessarily wnat to include all ingredients:

    Boneless Chicken Breasts
    Green onions
    white potatoes
    white onions
    chicken bouillion
    BBQ sauce
    seasoned bread crumbs
    and of course all the basics:
    veg oil

    Please Help!!

  31. Hi! Sorry if this is a bit rushed. Just between two shifts! I am not cooking chicken breast very often, but I would suggest chicken breast with vegetable bake.

    First, make the vegetable bake:
    Chop & fry onions, add halved and sliced carrots, celery and potatoes. If you also have flour, you can make a white sauce from flour, butter, milk – or you can make a gravy later with the chicken juices and the bouillon, herbs and cornflour.
    If you decide to go with a white sauce, arrange vegetables in an ovenproof dish, pour over the white sauce and top everything with the bread crumbs.
    You can then fry the chicken breast – stuffed and battered or just plain – or you could try marinating it with a mixture of oil, BBQ sauce and/or herbs and spices.
    You could also not pre-fry the vegetables and just arrange potatoes, chicken, celery, carrots and quartered onions in an oven tray and pour a mixture of oil, rosemary, thyme, chilli powder, salt and pepper over it (cajun spice mix is also excellent for this) and bake it until everything is cooked thoroughly. This would even go well with your BBQ sauce or, again, a vegetable or chicken gravy.

    An alternative would be to make a chicken & celery soup, a chicken frittata, a chicken & celery stirfry.

    Hope that helps. Off to making a chick pea, coriander and coconut curry and a middle-eastern lentil, okra and aubergine stew! 🙂

  32. OK…I would like to make this soft granola, I bought them froma lady who makes them when I was 3 states away…and there is no contact info, but they are SO GOOD I must figure out how to make them! Here are the ingredients that are listed…

    Rolled oats
    Peanut butter
    craisins (like raisins but cranberries)
    white cocoa chips
    brown sugar
    sesame seeds
    sunflower seeds
    flax seeds
    shortening ( I would prefer not to use this given it’s bad for your arteries)
    baking soda
    natural orange oil (this makes it taste so YUM)

    These are like a softer granola, very smoothe, but not like chewy granola, they are so good! Help!

  33. Granola! I actually had to google that word. I thought it was mainly an insult hurled at people with Birkenstock type sandals! But thanks to Wikipedia I found out that it is a baked form of muesli. Good to know! Anyway, I sometimes make a fried muesli which is similar to a ‘granola’ and I experiment with flapjacks, so between the two, I think I can work out some bits of your granola recipe…

    My first experiment would be the following: Use only the egg whites, whisk them. Mix them in a bow with the brown and the white sugar, the baking soda, the vanilla and orange oil, the peanut butter, the rolled oats and the flax and sesame seeds. Normally I you would add the shortening as it increases the shelf-life of your cereal. An alternative would be a shortening-type fat made from palm oil or ‘coconut butter’ (apparently you can get the German ‘Palmin’ in European delis in the US). That would be my suggestion. Then bake everything to the desired softness.

    Wait a moment: what does the granola look like? Are the craisins and white chocolate loose within the cereal or are they ‘fused’ to the oats? If they are loose, then just add them after the baking when the granola has cooled, if they are ‘in the mix’ you will need to add them somehow in the oven or straight after the baking.

  34. I will be away for a few days, so I won’t be able to answer as quickly as usual!

  35. Well I’m on a super budget hopefully you can help. My cooking skills leave something to be desired, but I haven’t yet accidentally created something that would try and attack small children…

    I have
    Peanut Sauce
    Soy Sauce
    Wild Rice
    Coffee Beans
    Coconut Milk
    Evaporated Milk
    Garbanzo Beans
    Maple Syrup
    And of course Lentles…

    Any ideas oh great one?

    • Can just give you a super-quick reply as I’m off to do a tour with my band in a few hours, and I still have to pack! I would go for a rice dish (combination of wild rice and rice) with satay sauce made from peanut sauce/butter, cocount milk, soy sauce. So now you can either do the simple thing of putting beans into the satay sauce or try and make little fried bean or lentil dumplings to provide a more pleasant taste experience. Depending on your equipment you can make these from flour, beans or lentils and spices and then deep-fry them. You can even use oats in them or coat them with ground popping corn (not the popped corn!). You can even experiment mixing a bit of maple syrup and evaporated into either the sauce or the dumpling mix for a sweeter taste. Alternatively you can make a lentil-peanut curry with rice dumplings! Hope that helps – sorry it had to be just a quick one! 🙂

    • PS: you could also try making a dessert with coconut milk, evaporated milk, maple syrup, coffee and rice! Or you could make a very interesting porridge! 🙂

  36. Will be away from 21 May- 04 June 2009.

  37. Ok, I’ve got chicken breast, baby bellas, cream cheese…. Sounds good together but I’m not sure what to do. Any ideas?

    • Hi! I assume by baby bellas you mean a type of mushroom? Do you have anything else in the house like stock cubes, spices or onions? What you can do is fry the chicken breast, take it out of the pan, then in the same pan fry the mushrooms (at a very hot temperature) and anything else you’d like in the sauce (e.g. garlic, onions, peppers). Either take the mushrooms/veg out again or leave them in the pan, depending on whether you want your mushrooms/veg crisp or soft. Now add the cream cheese (still the same pan). Add a bit of vegetable stock and, if you’ve got, a bit of cream. If you have neither, try water or milk. When the cheese is dissolved (be careful that it does not curdle), season the sauce with e.g. pepper, garlic, capers, paprika or curry powder or herbs – or just salt, depending on what flavour you feel like. Then add the chicken breast (and vegetables if you took them out to leave them crisp) and serve it! Any good?

  38. You can also stuff the chicken breasts cordon-blue style with mushroom-cheese filling. You can do these either with or without breading the chicken.

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  41. I have pork in a can (I know), rice, pasta, tomato sauce, cream of mushroom, peas, corn, green beans, pinto beans, flour, cheddar cheese, canned tuna, cranberry suace, butter. Vegatable oil, and plenty of spices. Its not much but any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanx

  42. Hi! You caught me just before going to bed, but I’m just awake enough to write this:

    Sounds like ingredients for a chilli – depending on how much tomato sauce you’ve got. Are the beans in tin or dried?
    Or you could make pasta with tomato-tuna sauce (or with tomato-canned pork sauce?).

    For the chilli:
    if you have dried pinto beans, soak them and boil them in just enough water until soft. keep stock & mix with tomato sauce, corn and you could also put peas or chopped green beans into it or serve them as a side. add spices (fresh or powdered) like basil, oregano, coriander/chilantro, onion, garlic, chilli powder and even a bit of cinnamon. lastly, add chunks of canned pork. You could also be experimental and try a tuna chilli, substituting the canned pork with tuna.
    iI using tinned beans, you just need the spices to do a little more work.
    You could also grate cheese on top before serving.

    With the chilli you could have rice or even improvised Mexican rice (depending on how much tomato sauce is at your disposal). Mexican rice is made by frying rice in a bit of oil. Then you add something like tomato sauce and a bit of water or stock made from your spices and salt and let everything simmer until the moisture has been soaked up by the rice.
    for example quantities see here:

    If you have flour and some kind of solid fat, you could also make some soft tortillas to go with the chilli.

    As for the above mentioned pasta, you could mix cunks of canned pork or tuna with tomato sauce. Add extra spices if you like. Heat everything.
    Boil pasta. Serve with grated cheese!

    hope some of this was useful!

  43. I am broke for the whole month and all i have is:
    1 box of saltines
    2 12 packs of 8 oz. apple juice containers
    1 gallon of milk
    2 pounds of tomatoes
    1 box ritz crackers
    2 loaves of whole wheat bread
    5 pounds of white flour
    2 pounds of ground turkey

    we are getting very desperate, my husband left me and the baby and the two-year old and took all the money. all weve eaten is bread for two days. please, please , please help.

  44. Hi!
    You could do a few things, although I doubt they’ll feed you for a whole month!
    You could toast the bread and have it with sliced raw or fried tomatoes. You can also fry the ground turkey and add chopped tomatoes (putting some salt with it) and eat it on toasted bread (like bruschetta, an Italian dish/snack that was the result of food shortages). Alternatively, you could make a soup with the turkey mince and the tomatoes, even adding milk and flour, but only if you’ve got some spices (although just salt and pepper might do), otherwise it could taste pretty rough:
    For the soup, fry mince, add chopped tomatoes, put some water (and spices if you’ve got any). Simmer until the water has acquired enough flavour. You can thicken the soup with flour and milk, but be careful with the milk curdling from the tomato acid.
    If you can get hold of some butter or other fat (e.g. from a friend or neighbour), you could also make dumplings. Alternatively, eat soup with crackers.
    If you can get butter, then you can also make milk soup:
    You can also make turkey patties with the turkey mince, some flour and salt/spices.
    Hope any of this is of help! Going to bed now (I’m on GMT!). Good luck & I hope you will be able to find more food, soon! If not, see if there is free food being given away in your area. Alternatively, see if the market traders leave vegetables or fruit behind. In the worst case, take from supermarket or food franchise bins, like I used to do. Most of the stuff thrown away is perfectly good to eat!

  45. Hi,

    I have some spring greens, cauliflower & broccoli


    • Sounds like the perfect combination for an autumn soup! Chop & gently fry everything, add some water/spices or stock and simmer until tender. If you can, blend the soup. If not, just have the chopped veg swim in the broth, like they have in Chinese or Japanese soups. That’s also nice. Alternatively, you could make a stir-fry or roast the cauliflower and broccoli & wrap it in little parcels of spring greens. Depending on how fancy you want to get!

  46. hey i just dropped into ur page and im very interested,are u still keeping on with it,bc i see the comments are from 2008

  47. Still keeping up – just above yours is a comment from October 2011! Just haven’t advertised it as much, as I’m very busy at the moment.

  48. Hi my ingredients consist of, Chicken breast, long grain rice, garlic, medium curry powder, dried mint, turmeric, sesame seeds, hot chilli powder, garam masala, ground ginger, cumin, nutmeg, corriander leaf, mirin, sesame oil, jack daniels, vegetable stock, beef stock, marmalade, lemon juice 2 tomatoes, charlotte potatoes, peas, sweetcorn. But i dont want a curry as my children dont like it so anything other than would be great

    • Quite a few options there, not involving any curry!
      1) You could have fried chicken breast (perhaps fried with garlic) with roast potatoes, peas & sweetcorn. For roast potatoes, chop potatoes into chunks and rub with oil and any herbs/spices you like -plus some salt.
      2) Make marmalade glazed chicken breast with some kind of pilaw rice. For the rice, gently fry it with a bit of oil, add tomatoes and enough stock for the rice to become tender (I think it’s about double the volume for long grain rice, depending on type), plus additional spices and salt. Add peas and sweetcorn to the rice. There are lots of glazed chicken recipes on the web. You could add ginger to the marmalade, or mint or coriander leaf – or sesame seeds. Depending on how old the kids are, you could improvise with a dash of mirin or Jack Daniels for the marinade/glazing.
      3) One option is always soup: chicken and potato soup. E.g. this one without the onions (you could use garlic instead):
      Hope that helps!

  49. hey can u tell me a recipe for soup iv’e got just about any herb u can name so that wont b a problem i have red lentils onions red ones too and yellow pepper can you think of a recipe for soup using them up plz xxx thanx -eb

    • I’d take your favourite herbs or spices and gently fry them in a little oil. You could for instance, make a more mediterranean themed soup with Italian or French herbs, or a more Indian themed soup with cumin/curry. I usually make lentil soup with a combination of oregano and cinnamon. My mum is a big friend of parsley in lentil soup.
      As a next step, add chopped onions and fry them a little with the herbs/spices. You don’t have garlic by any chance?
      I’d then skin the peppers by placing them under the grill or using a good peeler that does not take away too much flesh. Chop the skinned peppers and add them to the pot. Lastly, add either water and salt or (vegetable, meat) broth. You want enough liquid for the lentils to expand and for remaining ‘soup liquid’. Once the lentils are soft, you can either liquidise the soup or leave everything as it is.
      Hope this is helpful!

  50. Hi. I tasted one of these at a grocery store and wanted to make my own with some substitutes. This is what is in them
    Yams. (Grated)
    Sea salt
    Flour( I’d like to use almond or coconut )
    Sour cream ( Greek yogurt)
    They were fried I think And looked like a potato cake. Really yummy.
    Can you help?

    • Hi! Seems like you’ve got all you need. Personally don’t know the recipe, but they seem to resemble ‘Lousiana yam cakes’, which sound super tasty.

  51. Hi Eirinn. I would like to make a white cream sauce to use for turkey tetrazzini. I cant seem to find one that is paleo friendly. The usual one is a 1-1 measure with butter- flour, cream and broth. My family loves this and icant seem to make the sauce right.
    Any suggestions?

    • Hi! Unfortunately, white sauces are not my strong point, as I’m not too keen on them, and I also don’t know the dish at all. The only white sauce I sometimes make is Béchamel with lots of nutmeg. Would that work? For this, I heat butter, stir in plain flour and toast it for a bit. After a while, I gradually stir in milk. Once the sauce thickens, I add grated nutmeg and salt – and sometimes an egg, if I want it to set in the oven.

  52. tilapia, garlic, pasta,cilantro, pasta, mussels

    • Perfect! I have something similar in the fridge – minus the mussels. I’d cut the tilapia into pieces, fry them with garlic or spices such as cajun mix, smoked paprika or other ‘spicy’ spices. Mix with salt-water boiled pasta, cooked mussels and chopped cilantro. Toss with extra oil mixed with garlic and salt.

      I’m turning my things into fish tacos!

  53. This is all we have for right now and we’re trying to make a nice and different type of meal. Chicken (wing dings), A1 sauce, ketchup, Italian dressing lemon juice, olive oil, croutons, & cheese.

    • Hey, I don’t know what exactly wing dings and A1 sauce are, but I think I have an idea (depending on whether the chicken is battered or not…). If the chicken is not battered, you can either marinate it in a mixture of dressing/steak sauce and bake them (topped with cheese). You could also bash the croutons to crumbs, brush the chicken with oil/dressing or oil/sauce mixture and dip it in the crumbs, creating some kind of spicy-herb crust. If chicken is battered, you can either try to stuff it with cheese and sauce (creating a kind of cordon bleu effect) or slice the chicken into strips and bake it with a layer of mixed sauces and cheese. You could even sprinkle crouton-crumbs on top for extra crunch effect!

  54. I have a challange for you, could you make me a recipe that includes rice, beets, nutella and goat cheese when you have a chance? Thank you!

    • Several possibilities, depending on your spice/herb rack, whether the goat cheese is solid or creamy, whether you have flour in the house & what you mean by beets (the leafy or bulbous variety?) 1) Beetroot tart/toast: Had supernice roast beetroot and goat cheese tart (and toast) once. The tart had a nutty cinnamon sauce, which you could recreate with cinnamon, beet juice and nutella and perhaps a bit of lemon or vinegar and salt. You could either make the base from bread or tart dough, but you could also make a rice base from pressed and spiced rice. Roast beetroot with spiced and herbed oil and put on base. Add roast goat cheese. Sprinkle with nutella sauce. 2) Curry-style: you could make a spicy rice dish with roasted beetroot and goat cheese & again add the nutella to a satay-style type sauce. 3) Beetroot soup or chilli (if you have tomato puree) would also be nice. For the soup, briefly roast beetroot in a pan or oven, then boil in vegetable stock (or salt water, if no stock/stock ingredients are available). Blend and season soup (e.g. with majoram, sweet basil, thyme and/or nutmeg), add boiled rice, a dash of nutella and goat cheese. For the chilli, use tomato base & add roast beetroot, boiled rice (as side or in chilli to replace mince texture), a dash of nutella and lumps of goat cheese. 4) Salad: Boil rice, leave to cool. Grate beetroot, marinate with sugar, salt, lemon or vinegar and a dash of oil, if available. Roast goat cheese on/under grill and sprinkle with a bit of melted nutella. Serve with warm rice or mix cold rice with grated beets. 5) Bake: with more ingredients, you could make a beetroot & goat cheese bake.

  55. John Enderle

    My names John. I have a slow cooker I have recently become obsessed with. I would like to make a somewhat healthy meal with some random ingredients I have.
    Here they are:

    1lb of dried split peas
    5 sweet chicken sausage links
    chicken broth

    Any ideas??? Thanks, John

  56. hello, I’m Noori and I really need your help.

    What recipe can you suggets woth these ingredients.

    Granny Smith apples
    Curry powder
    Lemon juice
    Lemon leaves
    Lemon zest
    White balsamic vinegar
    Star anise

    • Hi Noori! I’d either make a fish and cabbage soup or curry with bread (perhaps with chutney) on the side. For the soup, you’d fry onions, cabbage and fish in a mixture of butter, coriander, cinnamon, turmeric, ginger, curry powder and garlic. I have never cooked stoeck, so I don’t know how it cooks in stock. I’d leave half outside and add it later to the soup. Add water, milk and salt for stock and cook for a while. Take pot off the fire when the stock is sufficiently infused with flavour. You could also be experimental and add raisins (or even apple pieces) and lemon leaves. I’d definitely add some lemon juice at the end. Season with additional spices to taste!
      For the curry, I’d also fry onions, cabbage and fish in a mixture of butter, coriander, cinnamon, turmeric, ginger, curry powder and garlic. I’d also add raisins (or perhaps even apple pieces) and lemon leaves, if you like a bit of sweet and tangy! If you like your curry with sauce, I’d add butter (tiny frozen cubes preferably, as those make the sauce thicker more quickly) and milk to the pot. Stir and simmer until you have a creamy sauce. If sauce does not thicken, you could try binding it with apple seeds (pectin), taking them out after cooking (works with jam, so might work with other things, too?). Add some lemon juice and/or lemon zest after taking pot off the hob.
      If you have enough lemon juice and ginger, I’d also make a refreshing drink with some water (and sugar). Hope that helps! 🙂

  57. Hi Angela,

    Do you have any suggestions for eggs, almond milk, and canned green beans OR canned artichoke hearts? I’m looking for something simple without a lot of ingredients. Fingers crossed! 🙂

    Thank you!

    • Sounds like an omelette to me. Don’t know how sweet the almond milk is – if you stir some into the eggs, it might end up tasting like a Japanese sushi omelette. You could have that with beans or artichoke hearts. If it’s for other people, you could serve the omelette in strips. Alternatively, you could cook the almond milk with some cornflour into a dessert for your omelette & greens meal.
      PS: Here is an omelette that uses almond milk:



    • My friend makes some nice chicken spinach pasta with feta cheese for flavour, but instead you can use your bacon. Just fry the chicken (with onions and spices such as smoked paprika, if you got any), then add the bacon, then the spinach and stir everything into the pasta. I didn’t know what Monterrey chicken is until I looked it up. Would suggest frying the chicken and then top it with fried bacon strips and spinach (you could also make a spinach-bechamel crossover if you have time – and milk – on your hands). Sprinkle with breadcrumbs and put it under the grill (with cheese if you’ve got any). In Germany, they also stuff raw chicken with spinach and bacon (and cheese). The stuffed chicken then gets battered in breadcrumbs and fried.

  59. Ok…here’s one for you. Leftover sour cream, lettuce, fresh herbs, stale bread, lemons.


    • Sorry for the late reply! I’d make a salad sauce from the sour cream, herbs and lemons – either a sweet sauce (like in Northern Germany and Scandinavia where they put lots of sugar into creamy salad sauces instead of salt) or a savoury one. Then cut the lettuce into it. You could use the stale bread as croutons with a savoury salad sauce (just cut and bake or fry it).

  60. Great Angela….I was thinking sort of a pseudo Caesar salad too….I just read one of several articles that said that these were some of the more frequent throwaways by Americans and was trying to find a good way to use them…..thanks!

    • Great! Btw common recipes in Germany for salad sauces are: 1) juice of 1/2 lemon, 1 teaspoon of sugar (or more), generous dash of yoghurt or cream; juice of 1/2 lemon, dash of sunflower (or other) oil, 1 teaspoon of sugar, chopped fresh herbs.

  61. Hi
    We have to make a recipe that represents Singapore in the 21st Century. Please help. It would be good if the dish contains no meat, or fish at the most

    • Hi! Sorry, I just found your post! Unfortunately, I don’t know much about food in Singapore. What did you make in the end?

  62. Pappardelle pasta, scallops, spinach and prosciutto

    • Sounds nice. Have never had the chance to taste prosciutto, scallops or pappardelle pasta, but I think I can imagine what they taste like (also in terms of texture). I would probably cook the pasta, steam the scallops and spinach, shred the prosciotto and mix it all in with the pasta. Or maybe fry some of the prosciutto in a bit of oil first, after cooking the pasta, and then add the cooked pasta, so that it takes on the prosciutto flavour. Then add the spinach and scallops and the rest of the prosciutto. If you happen to have white wine (or pine nuts), add a dash to it, too.

  63. Hey Angela! My name is Brianna and I am an ambitious, artistic, and food loving teen! I am looking for some sort of recipe that involves a spring theme for and upcoming week-night dinner! Something I can make after I get home from school and do my homework. The ingredients I can work with is a variety of vegetables, fruits, and either seafood or pork. Any Ideas?

    • In Spring, I usually go to the market to check out what’s in season. Where I live, the market is also very cheap. I eat as fresh as possible, as the vegetables start tasting really nice again, and I also make very basic stuff that doesn’t take much time to prepare. Maybe some of these things are too simple? At the moment, some favourites are: fresh steamed artichokes with vinaigrette (e.g. made from olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper) and bread; fresh guacamole (i make it: 1 avocado, 1 tiny shallot, 2 cherry tomatoes, coriander, lime juice, salt and pepper) with tortilla chips; fish tacos; pepper & pear soup; asparagus and new potatoes with butter; spring onion quiche; pea soup; buckwheat pancakes with savoury fillings.

  64. Hello Angela,
    We would like to have a weekly contest, similar to chopped, at home.
    Now, we don’t want to pick the ingredients our self. Can you pick 3 Ingredients for us to incorporate into an inventive menu? It doesn’t have to be weird, but something to push the envelope.

    Thanks a lot.


    • Hi! This site is more for people who don’t have a choice. I don’t think I know enough about the cooking scene (including TV shows) to be able to tell what counts as ‘inventive’ these days. Having said that, a friend of mine asked me to help with cooking the missing colour dishes in Sophie Calle’s Chromatic Diet project (I think black, grey and some others were missing). I therefore challenge you to do an entirely black dish of at least three items!

  65. Hi! I don’t know how quickly you respond or anything. I already have a couple recipes I’m going to use, but I’m wondering if you can come up with something different. If not in time, I’ll just use one of the recipes I have, and save your idea for the future. I’m hoping to use these to make dinner for tomorrow (that is, June 11) night.

    -1.71 lbs lamb shank
    -sweet onion
    -whole carrot
    -green onion
    -edamame (no shells)

    I plan on buying (in the morning)
    -beef broth (what I wouldn’t give to have an actual lamb broth or stock)
    -Worcestershire sauce
    -mint jelly

    I was thinking of using our pressure cooker? Can also use the oven. Don’t have a slow cooker or a dutch oven or anything like that. We’re college students, so…

    • hi! sorry just a quick one on the fly as i’m off in a few minutes. i usually cook any large pieces of meat in the oven: at very high heat at first, until a crust has formed (about 10 mins) and then at reduced heat so that the meat cooks gently & stays tender. i then collect the juices to make a sauce, using stock and either cornflour and chilled butter cubes (with added herbs sometimes). to be honest, i don’t know how to cook a proper couscous dish, although i can cook couscous on its own, so i’d just decide how to add the veg – whether to add the veg directly to the meat so they become infused with the meat juices, or whether to cook them separately, using your own flavouring, e.g. i usually put them in a separate roasting tin with oil, salt, herbs and spices (e.g. rosemary, paprika, cinnamon, pepper). i don’t use any condiments, unless there is nothing else in the house, as they tend to cut through anything taste-wise.

  66. Also, I think I forgot to subscribe, so… I’m subscribing now… 😀

  67. cacao nibs
    vanilla bean
    almond flour

    • Whoops – I just saw this one! I’d suggest making a porridge type thing by cooking the almost flour with water, stirring 8-10 mins. You can add the vanilla bean to this, too. I have never used cacao nibs in cooking (and tamarind only a long time ago), but i’m sure, you can use them in the porridge, too, either adding straight away or later. You could then either have the porridge with raw or poached nectarines. Should taste nice! (I’m a big porridge fan in general!)

  68. High I have meatballs,beans,sweet corn,chopped toms,plum toms,rice pudding,4 cans of tuna,pasta,veg soup x3,meandering segments,fruit cocktail,sliced peaches x2,pineapple peaces,ready break extra smooth, tomatoe an onion an herb pasta sauce

    • hi john, i’d probably make a chilli from this. Do you have tomato, onion and herb pasta sauce, or do you have the onion and tomatoes separately. Not quite sure. If you have any veg, herbs and spices such as onion and garlic, fry them first. Are the meatballs in sauce or frozen or in a tin with sauce? You could either create a meatball chilli by leaving the meatballs intact or by breaking them up with a fork to use them as mince meat. Are the beans in tins or dried? Example recipes:
      Heat chopped tomatoes with pasta sauce. Add beans if in tin, if not, soak and boil beans first, using the resulting stock as a foundation & add tomatoes/sauce to it. Add sweetcorn to the mix and the broken-up (or not) meatballs. If you have any spices like chilli powder or cumin, add those, too.
      Alternative recipe: Tuna pasta. I had to make this a lot when I worked in a care home. It’s basically tomatoes, pasta sauce with tuna stirred in and mixed with cooked pasta.
      I like hot desserts, so I’d probably try a fruit porridge made from ready break and fruit cocktail. Make the ready break as directed, either adding the fruit with only a little bit of the juice to the porridge while it’s still on the cooker (if you like your fruit hot and blended in with the porridge) or add the fruit cocktail cold when serving. You can do the same with rice pudding instead of the ready break.

  69. La Trina Smith

    Hi. Please GIVE ME AN IDEA asap!… I have: yellow potatoes (golden), 2 lbs of ground beef, assortment of canned veggies, cherry tomatoes, and just about any seasoning I may need. I also have canned chicken meat in water that can replace the ground beef possibly. PLEASE HELP!!!

  70. Potatoe chip chipotle BBQ seasoning chicken breast and baked apples

    • that already sounds like a recipe to me! there are lots of recipes online for either fried chicken with baked apples or chicken-and-apple stew. the bbq seasoning should go well with the apple sweetness and tang. don’t know if the seasoning is in powdered or liquid form? for the fried chicken version, pound the chicken breasts until they are a bit thinner, coat them in BBQ seasoning & fry them. have this with potato chips and baked apples. you could also attempt to make a sauce from BBQ seasoning, water, stock/salt and either corn flour/frozen butter as thickener. don’t know what else you have. for the stew, coat chicken in BBQ seasoning, fry in a pot, add water, salt, baked potato chips and apples, and cook until the water takes on flavour & the chicken is tender. If you have any veg/herbs/stock, add those, too.

  71. Chicken breasts
    White and brown rice- uncooked
    One bag of frozen rice
    Canned and frozen green beans
    One can of cooked carrots
    Seasonings, oil, butter

    I would like to cook the rice and the chicken together at the same time in the pan

    Thank you!!!

    • Hi! Apologies for the delay – am travelling to see family at the moment. As for a recipe, just do it paella style, basically. Fry the chicken breasts, either whole or cut into pieces, in oil or butter. Stir in the uncooked rice and any spices you want to add, e.g. curry powder. Depending on rice, add lightly salted water or stock. For brown rice, usually double the amount, for basmati, 1 1/4 the amount. You can also add tomato paste, if available, for a more Mexican-style rice dish. Add canned or frozen vegetables about 5 mins before the rice is done. Add a bit of extra water if water has evaporated before rice is done. Hope that helps!

  72. A recipe, I had years ago that I’ve since lost 😦 I remember that it had Chicken noodle, tomato, and cream of mushroom soup. I’m thinking, maybe hamburger and noodles. You put it all in a casserole dish, cover with crumbled potato chips and bake. Any ideas you might have would be greatly appreciated, thanks! Tina

  73. That is a different one, but sounds good, I’m going to try it, thank you!

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