Beetroot and potato salad

Image: beetroot and potato salad (bottom of image); my friend’s roasted quince, potatoes, peppers, refried beans and guacamole (top of image)

Shallots or onions


Boil potatoes and beetroot in their skins. Drain water after cooking, briefly cool down with cold water and take of the peel. Leave to cool for a bit or cut into cubes straight away, if you want to eat the salad very hot. I prefer it cold.
Chop shallots very finely and add to the salad. Make a dressing from oil, vinegar, salt, pepper and mustard. If you get bored, vary the dressing e.g. with yoghurt and herbs such as dill. If not a vegetarian/vegan, add fish, meat or feta/goat  cheese.


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