Crisp toastie


I’m back in a toastie phase, thanks to a friend who recently made me the above crisp toastie. The latter was made by making a cheese, onion and pickle toastie, and adding the crisps after the toasting. Other fillings have included:

    • Brie and cranberry sauce
    • Greek Salad
    • Marshmallow
    • Cheese and ketchup
    • Prawn and avocado curry on brioche
    • Pineapple, pepper, cheese and garlic sauce
    • Veggie burger toastie
    • Kinder chocolate

My friend Richard also converts most of his takeaway leftovers into toasties. I used to take leftover sandwiches home from buffets to turn them into toasties. Is there anything you can’t put in a toastie?


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