This is a dish that I became addicted to when in the States. I usually find American food too heavy & the portions too large (especially in combination with jet lag), so I end up eating lighter than normal. Last time, I ate mostly bibimbop/bibimbap (not sure about the correct transcription) and tofu stews at Korean restaurants. Since then, I’ve been making it at home with varying ingredients. There are not many Korean people in my neighbourhood, so I have to improvise the ingredients (e.g. I can’t get the proper sauce, pickles or radish).


This was my first attempt, using grated courgettes/zucchini, oyster mushrooms, cabbage pickle and spring onions (see photo just above). Second version involved carrots, tofu, turnip, pickles and spring onions (see picture at the top of the post).

Basically, you put some short grain rice (this recipe needs sticky rice) into a pot or pan, just cover it with water and let it soak for about 20-30 mins. Add salt and simmer for about 10 mins until the water has been absorbed & the rice is done. Stir, put on the lid again and leave to sit for a bit.

Put cooked sticky rice into a big bowl.
In a frying pan, stir fry anything you fancy: finely cut beef, mushrooms, tofu, vegetables. You can also do this dish with shredded raw veg as a type of warm salad.
Place on top of the rice.
Fry an egg so that the yellow remains liquid (you can also use raw egg).
Place egg on top of everything. Add pickles if you like the dish to have a bit of a tang. It’s especially nice with spicy/hot pickles.
Add any type of sweet-sour or sweet chilli sauce.
Stir everything. Let the egg break in the process.
Eat immediately!


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