Courgette Fritters + Broccoli & Cauliflower Soup


Quick & dirty recipe for all occasions: grate 1 courgette, mix with flour, smoked paprika, salt, pepper & garlic. Shape into fritters, fry & eat!


Been experimenting with broccoli and cauliflower recently. I usually boil them separately or together in plenty of salted water and blend the whole thing with some vegetable stock powder, milk and cornflour (sometimes I add leftover mashed potato). This week, I boiled the broccoli, took it out, put it to one side and used half of it in an omelette. I then boiled the cauliflower in the broccoli water and ate half of it with some fish cakes. Left over was some nicely flavoured water, half a broccoli and half a cauliflower. Again, I blended everything, but I did not need to add stock, as the water was strong enough as stock in itself. I just added a bit of cornflour dissolved in milk to make the soup a bit thicker, although it almost didn’t need that addition either. Also managed to find a whole loaf of rye bread for 49p in the supermarket, so had that with the soup (toasted and buttered). Housemate appreciated!


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