Spring cooking


I acquired a huge bunch of frisée salad that I have been eating for days in a row now. In order not to get bored, I am trying to improvise salad dressings and dishes to go with it. It’s good with fried egg on bread, with oranges and with a dressing made from soy sauce, lime juice, salt, oil, dried dill and sugar, but I’m sure there are better sauces to be found. The experiments continue…


Next up, some fried Thai dumplings I found in my partner’s freezer, together with tofu leftovers, tomatoes and, again, salad! Makes a really good light lunch in dark times.


Last, a not particularly flattering picture of a very tasty meal of steamed fennel with tomatoes that got the cheesy-bake treatment in the oven. For the topping I used grated gouda, the finely cut green bits of the fennel and bread crumbs mixed together. You can also swish the (steamed) fennel and (fresh) tomatoes in a bit of olive oil beforehand.



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