Nettle soup


A long overdue update on my spring cooking. Am currently super broke, so I’m turning to urban foraging! Luckily, I have friends with gardens that contain large patches of unwanted nettles, which are perfect for a variety of dishes, the most easiest being steamed nettles (spinach-like) and nettle soup. Nettle soup is super easy to make, provided you have a pair of rubber gloves. Basically, you harvest (preferably) young-ish nettles (not the big flowering ones) by holding them with your gloves and cutting the stems with scissors. I put mine into a big plastic bag. Back home, I washed them carefully in the sink and tore off the good leaves into a big colander. Once finished (the sorting and picking may take some time), I got out my big soup pot, fried some onions and garlic in it, and later some potato cubes. When all of this started to brown, I added the nettles and some stock. I chose not to put in herbs (apart from the garlic), as I wanted to taste the nettles, and there were already some herbs in the stock anyway. After about 15 minutes, I blended the whole thing. You can also add cream, sour cream or milk/butter. The soup tastes a lot like a cross between spinach and mushroom soup for some reason (closer to mushroom actually). Sorry, not a very flattering picture!



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