Tomato-less pizza & Passion fruit dessert

I got a couple of passion fruit on the market the other day. They are super tasty with vanilla yoghurt (pictured) and other vanilla pudding type things.

Did not have anything even resembling tomatoes in the house, so I made pizza with whatever was in the house. I brushed the base with olive oil and put onions, green peppers, chestnut mushrooms and courgettes on top (also nice with capers and/or pineapple). Sprinkled everything with smoked paprika and grated cheese.


2 responses to “Tomato-less pizza & Passion fruit dessert

  1. The passion fruit dessert looks really good! What if I used passion fruit with some other fruit (i.e pomegranate) with yogurt? How do you think it would come out?

  2. should work fine. btw there is a really nice savoury recipe which involves baked aubergines (halved and brushed with olive oil, and sometimes smoked paprika, salt) that are topped with yoghurt and pomegranates. I sometimes put garlic and salt in the yoghurt, but a friend just puts salt.

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