Back to basics

Am currently rather fond of mashed potatoes. I used to make my mash with wholegrain mustard and a lot of nutmeg. Nowadays, I prefer the very basic version just with a bit of butter, milk and salt. That’s it! And usually with King Edward potatoes, too. So far, I’m having mash either with fried seitan sausages, fish or omelette.

This dish is a bit of a cheat. It’s a mushroom and fish curry with wholegrain rice, but I didn’t make the curry sauce, apart from added shallots and bits of tomato. I don’t normally buy curry sauces, as they never seem to taste right, but I got such a good offer on this one, I just couldn’t resist. It wasn’t too bad, but next time I’m back to making my own. I have to confess that most of the time, when I have curry cravings, I actually just hop down the road to Tooting to get a nice South Indian one… Anyway, I thought the mushroom-fish-shallot combination was surprisingly successful.


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