Stuffed courgettes

This is a rather primitive recipe for stuffed courgettes, but I had nothing else in the house.

2 courgettes
whole grain rice
shallots or onions
if available: garlic
spices such as smoked paprika
(olive) oil
cheese (that melts in the oven)

You can add a myriad of things to this such as pine nuts, raisins, fresh parsley or small cubes of roast butternut squash. You can also stuff the courgettes with Mexican-style rice.

Slice the courgettes in half, length-wise. scrape out the seedy bits. Brush insides with oil and spice mixture. Pre-bake in the oven for about 20 mins at medium to high heat.

In the meantime, cook the rice (I use the evaporation method).

In a pan, gently fry onion cubes and garlic. Add enough cooked rice to stuff the courgettes. Stir while continuing to fry everything.

Stuff the courgettes and cover with grated or sliced cheese. Bake until cheese has melted.

Serve with salad, extra rice or whatever else you fancy! : )


One response to “Stuffed courgettes

  1. Will share this with my wife. She loves courgettes as vegetables will be surprised to know they can be stuffed

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