Beautiful salad experience

(picture to follow)

I had a wonderful salad made for me yesterday. Unfortunately, it’s hard to make on a budget in some areas, where the ingredients are either not available or too expensive (blood oranges in the UK?). In some areas in Europe or the US (I know this blog is read internationally), ingredients can be picked in gardens or allotments (blood oranges, salad, parsley) or the forest (pine nuts). You can always substitute ingredients (use regional salads, herbs, citrus fruit or vinegars).

Green lettuce
Pine-nuts (you could try other chopped nuts or almonds)
Blood oranges (you could try regular oranges, grapefruit, mandarins or even tinned fruit)
Balsamico (vinegar)

Peel blood orange and wash/dry lettuce. Chop lettuce and blood orange segments into bite-size pieces. Add parsley leaves. Sprinkle everything with balsamico, oil and salt. Toast pine nuts & add to salad.

We had the salad with fried egg on toast!


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