Christmas Tree Ice Cream

Some more recipe posts coming up – as soon as I’ve got the time to format images! In the meantime, a recipe for which I only have a placeholder so far. Basically, I went into the local pound shop a few weeks ago and got two silicone trays of little Christmas tree moulds. They can be used for baking, setting (e.g. jelly) and freezing. Here is what I did:

– Either brush melted chocolate into the mould, grate some chocolate or put some chocolate sprinkles into the bottom of each mould.
– Mix some chocolate and vanilla ice cream with a bit of ground rosemary and cinnamon – or other wintery spices such as nutmeg or cloves – and paste the mixture into the moulds. Re-freeze for a bit and serve. Also works with hot cherry or berry sauce – or just more chocolate sauce for you chocoholics!
– You could probably also add some marzipan or Brandy cream somewhere for total Christmas overkill!


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