Improved Bread

I was recently given two scientific cookery books, which explain you the science behind a lot of food preparation techniques, in order for you to experiment with the suggestions. I tried out the bread kneading recommendations in the first book, issued by the Exploratorium (basically: let bread rest and knead it for about 20-30 mins). In the past, I have been either too lazy or too busy to knead my bread properly, and, to me, it always tasted fine. So I did not bother with kneading for years. But the book made me curious about the difference. At first I was a bit suspicious, as the dough kept taking in more flour and kept getting firmer and firmer (‘argh – this will never rise!’), but the dough did rise beautifully in the end, and I obtained an equally beautiful loaf with a beautiful shape, crust and texture. And it was delicious, too! Definitely have to try out the eggs-periments soon, too…


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