German stuffed pasta

The other day, I found a dumpling & pasta squeezing device in the local charity shop, so I could not help but buy it. Basically, its a set of three cutters/squeezy things, which you can use to make anything from ravioli to empanadas.

I decided to make German stuffed pasta (Maultaschen). The critters are very much like ravioli, just bigger, and you either eat them in broth, fried with (usually scrambled) eggs or with onion rings, occasionally accompanied by potato salad. Most households and restaurants have their very own recipe, so you can basically fill them with whatever you like. Fillings I’ve come across: leek-cheese-mince meat, spinach-garlic-parmesan, mince and parsley, celeriac and mince, forest mushroom & herb, leek & potato, leek & crabs (Northern adaption), mushroom-carrot-courgette-veggiemince-tomato-egg. The above pasta is filled with fresh spinach, garlic, shallots and egg yolk, seasoned with nutmeg, salt and pepper.

To recreate this, you simply need to make a basic pasta dough (any will do) and fill it with vegetables (or meat) that have been simmered to the desired tenderness. The pockets are glued shut with lightly whisked egg white (the yolk usually goes into the filling) and a little pressure. Use the ‘pressure’ to imprint a nice pattern into the rim of the pasta.


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