Carrot-Apricot-Ginger Base

Completely forgot to post that I was selling home-made preserves at the Utrophia arts collective fundraiser (for their move)! Originally, I wanted to make plain old carrot jam (using Oded Schwartz’ recipe minus the brandy), but I ended up adding a big bag of apricots (and the chopped insides of their kernels), and I think they interfered with the setting process. So, I ended up with 25 glasses of something that was neither jam nor something else. I did not have time to reboil, resterilise, re-seal everything, so I quickly ran a taste-test series. It turned out that the stuff tasted excellent as a pancake filling, with saffron flavoured yoghurt, with greek yoghurt, with vanilla ice cream and as a chutney. It was also possible to eat it on bread, but it was a bit runny in places. Decided to keep it as it is and sell it as a base for ‘experiments’. Tasty experiments!

Btw the stuff is made from
Carrots (finely grated)
Apricots (cored & finely chopped)
Apricot kernel insides (chopped)
Lemons (juice & peel)
Limes (juice & peel)
Ginger (grated)
Golden Caster Sugar

If using the right quantities with the right amount of cooking time, you can also make jam from it! 😉


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