Food needed at new Goldsmiths occupation

Image source: Mute

Note (via Mute ) from Goldsmiths students:

At 5pm today a group of students re-occupied Goldsmiths College library in protest against the management’s decision to shut it down for 3 days on the specious pretext of cleaning and re-shelving after the recent protest occupation (Monday 6th-Thursday 9th). In fact the library is spick and span and it’s hard to see what they might need to clean or reshelve for 64 hours!

On the very day of the fees vote the management announced a plan which is effectively punishing students for an act of legitimate and necessary protest. It was another transparent attempt to present the occupiers as a small and extreme minority and to turn the rest of the college against them.

The occupiers are demanding management reopens the library for students, staff and public, and they have resumed their protest against the management’s refusal to defend the staff and students against cuts and fees.

If you’re in the area, drop by this weekend – I’m sure all visitors, help and food will be much appreciated!


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