Some winter improvisations…

Am eating a lot of soups at the moment – they are cheap to make, nutritious and usually quite quick to make if you go for the lazy format. In the last couple of weeks I made a lovely & creamy celeriac soup (no photo unfortunately, but you can pretty much guess what it looked like!) – and the above Brussel tops soup, which was equally lovely & creamy. The ingredients were:

1 Brussel top
2 potato
1 small shallot
1 clove of garlic
1 pint of (veg) stock

Heat a bit of oil, butter or margarine in a pot (don’t heat it too much). Add roughly chopped Brussel tops, onions, garlic and potatoes. Frequently turn for a while. When losing patience, add stock & leave to simmer.

In the meantime, improvise some kind of pudding, e.g. this crumble: made from tasteless berries from the reduced to clear pile, an apple, some lemon juice, sugar and cinnamon and a muesli bar I found lying around somewhere reasonably safe. Greatly improved by some reduced-to-clear supermarket own brand Greek yoghurt mixed with some more sugar…

Now your soup should be almost ready. When ready, blend the whole thing. It should be very liquid. If not, add extra stock (and simmer some more for improved flavour). Celeriac soup follows the same principle – just substitute for Brussel tops and potatoes.


One response to “Some winter improvisations…

  1. Some of our bunnies escaped and have been causing trouble in the garden by eating my brussel sprouts!! But they did very kindly leave me the tops so I will get them before they do and try your soup.

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