Getting fruity with mustard

I was on holiday at the German Baltic Sea coast for a week and made an amazing culinary discovery in a local mustard shop: ‘Konfitürensenf’! Literally meaning ‘jam mustard’, it seems to work with practically everything, at least according to my mum who is even more taken with it that I, nearly consuming an entire glass with our dinner of leftovers the other night (yes, even the tortellini also received their share of mustard goodness!). Apparently, you can even make a yoghurt or ‘quark’ dessert with the stuff. It’s versatile, magical, addictive. The problem is now: how do I supply my mum with more fruity mustard goodness? Certainly, we can’t always drive to the Baltic coast for another fix. On the back of the jar, the ingredients read: 80% elderberry jam, 20% mustard. Is that all? Just stir together some jam and mustard? I must start experimenting. Any suggestions welcome! 😀

Another nice thing on holiday was a cafe with lots of coffee and tea pots standing, hanging and moving around. The pots on the radiator could potentially be filled with water to act as humidifiers, if you don’t care too much about the insides of the carafes. But teapots are just generally nice no matter what they do and where are… or have I missed something?


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