September sweeties

I like to have warm breakfast at the moment. Either my famous banana porridge with ovaltine or baked fruit. I usually put them in the oven when I get up, and then they are ready by the time I’m dressed!

Here is an example: baked figs and plums. Nice with a bit honey.

Fresh fruit are good when I’m going swimming in the morning. Any fruit seem to give me extra swimming power! These are plums and greengages from Balham market. Also was addicted to Victoria plums this summer thanks to my friend Rosie who gave me a bag of Walthamstow plums from her garden! (Thanks, Rosie!)

Talking of baked fruit: This is a simple plum crumble with thick yoghurt mixed with vanilla sugar. A friend made it for me once using spelt flour (thanks, Nicole!). I used ordinary plain flour for this one. Just stone the plums and put them in an overproof dish, mix flour, butter, sugar, and, if you have, vanilla sugar and/or a little cinnamon in a bowl until you’ve got a tasty, crumbly texture and spread the crumble over the plums. Bake until crumble starts to brown! Not something for breakfast though!

This is some coconut yoghurt made with some fresh coconut I was given – I love fresh coconut! Am really good at opening them now, too!


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