September Soups

Whoops – haven’t written down my recipes for two months! Was really busy so I had people cooking for me a lot – and I ate a lot of really simple foods. Here are two super easy soups.

This chick pea soup is made from dried chick peas which were soaked overnight and boiled until tender. Added ingredients are:
salt, turmeric, ground cumin, olive oil, crushed garlic, cayenne pepper and some lemon juice and chopped spring onions towards the end.

I can’t exactly remember what went into this soup, but I think it was: shallots, garlic and potato cubes, which were fried a little and then boiled tender in vegetable stock. After blending the soup, I added some leftover feta cheese. And, I think, some nutmeg and pepper! Was really just a leftover food kind of thing, but very tasty with some toasted bread & salad! I’ve made a similar soup with added celeriac.


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