Best mashed potatoes to date

Today, I had to use up some old potatoes, some celery, a tomato and feta cheese. What did I do? I still had some veggie burgers in the freezer, so I had them with some feta-cheese mashed potato and celery-tomato salad!

Here is how I made my favourite mashed potatoes so far:

Boil 2 potatoes (just use your favourite mashing potatoes). You can either boil them in their skins and skin them afterwards to preserve nutrients, or peel them first, especially if you need to cut green or ‘bad’ bits off, and boil them in salted water.

When the potatoes are done, mash them, add crumbled feta cheese, some nutmeg, extra salt and either a dash of cream or a dollop of butter and a dash of milk. Mash again and, with a spoon, whip the stuff until you’ve got your fluffy, creamy texture!


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