Green stuff

Here is a nice salad I made from stuff in the reduced to clear bin. It was made with an improvised dressing using dried basil, lemon, salt and vegetable oil… and I think shallots and garlic. Other ingredients were: radishes, avocado, salad hearts & cucumber.

And here is something from the ‘dark side of green’…

This is a picture of a lesser known German speciality (very ‘special’ indeed…) called ‘woodruff jelly’. I found a packet in the back of my cupboard & just had to make & photograph it! Considering that most Germans seem to be scared of food colouring & other artificial ingredients, this is about as contradictory as it gets! I like eating this with cold custard. I once had some jelly (and drinks) with real woodruff in it (this is slightly illegal I think, because woodruff has some drug-like properties). It made my tongue go a bit numb – like this stuff they put into bitter lemon (quinine). Interestingly, it did not taste as nice as the artificial flavour!


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