Frozen yoghurt (without a machine)

It was hot, I was in bed with the most awful period pains to date, and all I wanted was some ice cream. Where are ice cream vans when you need them? I would just have been able to make it down the stairs! The good thing was: I had some left over frozen fruit, a pot of yoghurt and a bottle of squash, which meant I could make some frozen yoghurt! Since then, I’ve tried out various frozen yoghurt recipes. Simple ones first. The more challenging ones are yet to come (e.g. nut yoghurt…). My favourite flavour so far is banana. Have also tried peach, mixed berries, melon and mango!

The basic method is: freeze small chunks of fruit, cool yoghurt (works equally well with soy yogurt)… and then you need a very sturdy blender that will beat even the hardest frozen fruit into a soft frozen dessert! The result should look a little bit less liquid than the stuff in the picture above – it was a very hot day plus I have a crap blender AND went a bit overboard with the squash… Talking of squash: if the frozen yoghurt is not sweet enough, add things like squash (in the appropriate – or inappropriate flavour, depending on your preferences), sweeter fruit or even sugar.


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