More summer cooking…

Here are my June experiments: beetroot soup, white spelt bread, a new gateau decoration – and some fruit pudding!

The beetroot soup followed a very simple recipe: Gently fry shallots & garlic, add beetroot. After a while, add vegetable stock. Simmer until beetroot is cooked, in between adding some dried thyme. Put into blender. Fill into bowls. Add some yoghurt. Tasty!

Discovered some white spelt flour in a shop, so I had to buy it! Followed my standard recipe & added a bit of sunflower oil (spelt always seems to need a bit of added fat to work). Left it in a bit long, but otherwise it’s very nice!

I made a buckwheat gateau when some Japanese friends came to visit. Buckwheat is the only grain I know the Japanese word for. In Japan, noodles are made from it. It has a very peculiar, nutty taste which I like! Because it was so hot on the day, I did not bother decorating it with cream. Instead, I cut off the sides and arranged them in a pattern on top of the cream.

Here is my fruit pudding – alongside a bowl of vanilla pudding! My mum sent me some instant fruit pudding (tapioca based), which I don’t really like (I like tapioca, though!). But the other day I had intense fruit pudding cravings & not much fruit, so I used the instant pudding as a base, adding bits from the freezer and the fruit bowl. It tasted a little artificial, but was okay!


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