Aubergine interventions…

Aubergines. Everywhere I visit at the moment, there are aubergines. They are even in my own home! The other day, I innocently tuned into my favourite Resonance FM show. And what came through my speakers? ‘… Aubergines!’
As I found out, the reason was an art project that is taking place on Church Street Market, Paddington, London. Part of this project is an intervention called ‘Aubergine:NW8’. Its motto is “Share a Recipe, Take an Aubergine!” Unfortunately, I will be involved in Tooting Trashcatchers Carnival preparation on the dates this culinary exchange is taking place – but you can go, take a recipe, a notebook and a walkman! The remaining dates are 2, 3, 4 July, 12-4pm!

For the moment, here are some photos from trying out a very simple aubergine recipe that I mostly took over from this site.

I like it, because it uses very few ingredients: aubergines, tomato base, garlic, parmesan, egg. Everything else is optional! And – it’s very tasty!

Might try an aubergine curry next… ah, aubergines….!


One response to “Aubergine interventions…

  1. Looks like a nice aubergine recipe. I will try this for the next cooking session. Anyway, you have a very nice blog. Its not the first meal I cooked from this page. Thanks for that…

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