May improvisations…

Due to my current workload, I have only made really fast and simple dishes. One of my current favourites is noodle soup with tomato puree stirred in, turning it into a primitive form of minestrone. The other day, a friend also introduced me to the vegetarian cafe at the Mary Ward Centre (thank you, Nicole!), which was a welcome & affordable expansion to my current emergency cuisine.

My favourite dish of the last few weeks was the creamed puy lentil & spinach soup, based on the curry I wrote about in the last post. Basically, I just added some more water to the mix to turn the curry into a surprisingly light soup. Puy lentils are really beautiful – both dried and soaked. They also only cost around 60p a packet, so they are worth using for monetary as well as aesthetic value!

I also got hold of some half price blueberries. Together with the squirty cream a friend had left in my fridge and some biscuits, a few tarts were assembled for all-day afternoon tea…

One of my mega bargains from the past two weeks – apart from the bag of 19p pears and 14p potatoes – was a packet of 49p oyster mushrooms. Normally, I used them in mushroom stroganoff type dishes, but I wanted to make something different this time. First, I made an omelette with them, but it wasn’t that great (a bit chewy). Then, I chopped them up really finely, fried them with lots of garlic, shallots and some herbs, and put them on homemade rye bread over a layer of tomato puree. I still had some special offer cheese in the fridge, so that made it’s way on top of the mushrooms & under the grill – delicious!

And, finally, a friend sent me a link about the latest on sustainable supermarket fish shopping. Check it out!


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