Improved brown lentil and coconut curry & more fruity desserts

Brown lentils
Coconut milk/Cream of Coconut
Veggie mince (optional)

Red chillies
Potato cubes

Soak Brown lentils overnight. Boil in about 1 1/2 – twice as much water the next day. Add salt and ground spices. When the lentils are tender, veggie mince, any coconut goodness & chopped vegetables (that included mushrooms). Simmer until tender and season to taste. You can also add more ‘green stuff’ such as spinach or celery. This curry is very light & summery!

To accompany the curry, I made some rice (with bits of wild rice in it). You can also make the curry more liquid and have it as lentil & coconut soup.

And here is the dessert – before it became the dessert – namely, yoghurt with warm rhubarb & berry topping made from simmered fresh rhubarb and frozen berries (special offer!) – ah, and a squeezed lime and lots of sugar! :>


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