Easter cooking & baking

More visitors! This time, my parents came round, so I decided to impress them with some local cuisine. The first one is a kind of compote or ‘fruit soup’ made from some fresh rhubarb I had acquired from Balham market & a packet of frozen raspberries some friends had brought me as a present. I basically cleaned, chopped and simmered down the rhubarb with a bit of lemon juice, added the frozen raspberries and quite a bit of sugar. The first lot I served warm with cold custard. The second lot I served cold with surprisingly creamy low fat yoghurt. Delicious!!
The photo looks a bit rubbish, because I did not remember taking one until we’d nearly finished the lot!

This is this year’s Easter biscuit experiment. The result was a tin full of crispy chocolate orange cookies. While I like the taste of the cookies, I think the texture could do with some improvements. The recipe I used was:

380 g flour
120 g mixed nuts
300 g butter
300 g icing sugar (had no other sugar in the house)
orange flavouring
vanilla flavouring
poppy seeds
freshly ground coriander & cardamom
lemon peel
some cocoa for half the dough

I let the dough rest for a bit, rolled the cocoa-ed and the non-cocoa-ed dough out in random patterns and cut out bunnie & butterfly cookies. These ended up in the oven for about 10-15 mins at medium heat.

I also made this Apple & Wensleydale Pie, because some friends had left behind said cheese in my fridge as well as some apples. I’m not a big fan of Wensleydale, but was curious about interesting ways of using it. I liked the pie, although it is very rich! Ate it with custard. Sometimes the cheese aftertaste can be a bit disturbing in the mix!

As a special treat, I made my parents halibut (was on special offer, yay!) with garlic, spring onions, ginger, red chillli & soya sauce (a recipe I nicked from the BBC Good Food website…). Love the way the vegetable look!


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