Fennel/Celery and Tomato Soup

Am currently very fond of a very simple, but warming soup. I either make it with mainly fennel or celery.

You need

about 1/3 pot of chopped fennel or celery
chopped shallots or onions
oil for frying
optional: carrots or other forgotten root veg in the back of the fridge
vegetable stock (you can also just use water & cook the veg longer & add more salt and spices)
tomato paste and/or tin tomatoes or passata or even a jar of pasta sauce might work
some form of blender
optional: yoghurt, cream or sour cream; rice or fried porridge oats

Gently fry shallots, garlic, fennel/celery. Here is a photo from this stage:

After a few minutes, when the celery/fennel start to become aromatic, add tomatoes, tomato paste and enough vegetable stock for your desired blending consistency (Usually the pot is between 1/3 and 2/3 full.)
Simmer until vegetables are tender.
Blend soup, add salt to taste. I always add a little yoghurt and leftover rice or fried porridge oats. You can also add chopped chives if you happen to have any around.


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