10-minute celeriac chilli

Normally, I eat celeriac raw – either grated as a salad or as juice. Very occasionally, I bake it with other root veg. Apparently, my grandfather used to love celeriac battered as a ‘steak’, so, the other day, when all I had in the fridge was a celeriac and a bit of vegetable juice, I decided to try out another variant of ‘hot celeriac’…
I don’t actually know what to call this dish – chilli? curry? Basically, I boiled some Thai rice I had left over in the cupboard in slightly salted water. In the meantime, I cut about two cups of celeriac (celery root) into bite-size pieces, and fried those in a bit of oil. You could also add carrots, an onion/shallot and garlic – or even make it more fancy! When the celeriac started to get soft and give off a thick aroma, I added some cayenne pepper (and possibly a couple of other spices/herbs) and poured about a cup of vegetable juice (V8) into the pot. I simmered the celeriac-V8 mixture until the celeriac was soft, adding a little bit more juice and a bit of salt towards the end. The improvised dish made a very tasty, warming winter meal!


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