Xmas Turnips

Inspired by a visit to a Chinese restaurant, I tried to recreate their pickled turnip snacks. For this, I compared a few pickled turnip recipes I found online and finally used this one as a guidance.

I sliced about 1/3 crate of turnips into small-ish sticks (I just asked the man on the market stall to give me all the turnips he had left over…). They are quite tough critters, so that took a while…

Then added a few sliced green chillies and 10 red birds eye chillies (one for each jar), 10 garlic cloves (one for each jar), 4 tiny red beets (sliced into sticks).
The brine I made from nearly 6 cups of white wine vinegar, nearly 6 cups of water, about 9 tablespoons of sea salt. No heat-processing is involved in the recipe.

I waited for about 10 days to eat the turnips, and they tasted almost like the ones in the restaurant. I would have had an exact copy, if I’d left the garlic out, but I was curious how it would taste in the mix. Next time, I’d probably use less garlic. But the pickles do taste great!


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