Accidental pasta sauce hit!

No, I did not hit anyone with pasta sauce. Me and my friend were a bit depressed after she had invited me for a meal in a posh restaurant, and the overpriced food turned out so badly (overcooked from frozen) that any school canteen meal would have been a better offering. So, today, it was back to no nonsense pasta. To my luck, I still had some home-made cavolo nero pesto in the fridge, but, because I had used really cheap ‘hardcheese’ to make it instead of proper parmesan, it didn’t quite taste alright. But I did not want to throw it away either. So I came up with the idea to mix it into some reconstituted tomato puree. Believe it or not, it tasted really nice! I bet with ‘proper’ cheese it will taste even nicer. Also, if you’ve made too much pesto and don’t want to eat it day after day, you can alternate between pesto only and pesto-derived sauce! 😉


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