Chick Pea & Celeriac Chilli

This is my new favourite dish: chick pea and celeriac chilli. It does not actually need the rice. Maybe some bread, if all. I made it because a friend was coming over for dinner who dislikes so many vegetables, I’ve lost track (the most important rule is: ‘no peppers’).  Also, I had an Open University deadline and did not have the time to do much shopping, so I just went with whatever was in the house. I soaked the chick peas over night and boiled them soft the next day with some salt, turmeric and cumin. In a separate pot, I fried some onions, tiny celeriac cubes and four cloves of garlic (I like my garlic!). I also added some chopped chillis, some spices, lots of dried basil and some veggie mince. Finally, I added the chick peas and their broth. Into this broth, I stirred enough tomato puree to make the whole thing creamy! It was so nice! Unfortunately, my friend did not get to have any of the chilli, as she decided last minute that she cannot have garlic before meeting an important client the next day. So I just got her some fish (from sustainable sources and from a certain posh supermarket’s reduced to clear section) and prepared it after a fantastic & easy recipe I stole from the BBC! She was happy, and I had the chilli all to myself. Bingo!

For dessert, I made vanilla pudding with berry sauce (I found frozen berries on special offer). There was lots of berry sauce left, but it came in handy when a friend brought round some pumpkin loaf!

Last but not least, here are instructions for a paper Battenberg in case you need to stay away from the real thing!


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