Brown Stuff

This is German-style rice pudding with cinnamon. In the picture, it looks a pretty gross, but it is actually very nice! We used to eat it as a main meal. Saturday was our sweet main course day for some reason where we ate apple & semolina souffle, potato fritters with bramley sauce, pancakes or chocolate and almond pudding. Of course, we had an ‘alibi salad’ for afters 😉
This rice pudding you make in the pot by heating milk and pudding rice together (with a bit of salt) in a pan. You have to frequently stir it until the rice is soft. Sometimes, you have to add extra milk near the end. It is usually eaten with cinnamon and sugar or hot cherries!

This is a caraway cake. Yes, caraway. I had to try it! It is very tasty.

The recipe goes as follows:

225 g butter
175 g brown sugar
3 eggs
350 plain flour (I think I added a bit of spelt flour, just because it was there…)
4 tsp baking powder
1 tsp ground caraway seeds (you can use more if you like and you can use whole seeds!)
grated lemon rind
juice of 1/2 lemon

citron peel, candied lemon/lime, jam or marmelade (I used homemade spiced kiwi butter)

cocoa powder
chocolate sprinkles
more milk

Bake at medium heat for about an hour, depending on the temperament of your oven…

You basically make it like a marble cake. But I also added a layer of kiwi butter and some chocolate sprinkles just out of curiosity. I am quite pleased with the result! Unfortunately, I burnt the cake a bit, so the whole thing has a bit of a crispy crust, and I had to cut some of the top of, which is why the chocolate layer is a bit flat… argh!

Here are the intermediate stages….
1) Non-chocolate dough with jam layer
2) Chocolate dough spooned over the jam layer

While tidying up, I also came across a recipe for a pineapple and banana cake with mango filling. Looked amazing. I’m just waiting for a special occasion to arrive to make it… Otherwise it would be a little over indulgent to have it all by myself!


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