Potatoes, lots of them

Last weekend, I went to the 24hrs really late and found lots of bargains: a sack of potatoes for 22p, organic cucumbers for 22p each and some whole fat live yoghurt. The first thing I made was cucumber salad and chips. Here is a picture of the chips, made in a normal non-stick pot filled less than an inch with sunflower oil:

… if you can see them under all this ketchup… I sometimes make my chips without taking the peel off the potatoes. The important thing is to make the oil very hot before you put the potatoes in. This way, the outside of the potatoes will close and won’t allow so much fat to pass into the inside.
I forgot to take a picture of the cucumber salad. It had a dill-yoghurt sauce which contained yoghurt, thinly sliced cucumbers, lemon, pepper, sugar, chives & dill (dried), salt, olive oil.

The next day I was even lazier and combined potatoes, cucumbers and yoghurt into one dish: baked potatoes with not-quite-tzatziki. For the latter, I quartered the cucumber length-wise, sliced the quarters thinly, chopped a shallot, squeezed some garlic and added salt and pepper. When the potatoes were ready, I chopped them up to allow them to cool more quickly (I was very hungry!).

I will probably make another soup with the rest of the potatoes…


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