Poach Pod Experiment

The other day, I discovered a new kitchen tool: poach pods! I’m normally not a fan of silicone kitchen stuff – or anything that feels kind of plasticy – but these intrigued me because they make it really easy for you to poach eggs or make flans or anything else that uses the ‘water bath’ method and is likely to stick to your non-bendy vessel. What you see in this picture is me poaching what is bascially scrambled egg with too much nutmeg. The pods just float on the boiling water – you can even close the lid!

I like this type of egg chopped up into small cubes and dumped into a bowl of vegetable broth, possibly alongside some vegetables and maybe even fake meat balls or dumplings. A very German thing, and usually a pain in the ass to make (my grandma made it in a buttered mug). But now, thanks to my two new companions, I can eat this soupy goodness more often! 🙂


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