Windows7 theme party cake

A tekkie friend of mine had an ironic Windows7 theme party for his birthday. He is a big fan of Battenberg cakes (also called ‘window cakes’), and so the natural choice was to make a ‘Windows cake’! Thinking back, I really should have added some ‘bugs’ to it in the form of those chocolate beetles that are sold for Halloween at the moment! Talking of bugs, my cake had one, too: I got the order of blue and yellow wrong while sticking the cake together and the angle of the window! 😮

Anyway… I still had some food colouring in the house, although the red was almost empty – and ‘natural’ colouring (whatever that may mean), so the red came out a bit weaker. This is the cake before it went in… looks rather a lot like wallpaint!

This is the cake just after it came out of the oven. I had to stick it together somehow. The cake was orange rather than vanilla flavoured, and the only jam I had in the house was home-made kiwi & black pepper ‘butter’ (I think it also had some cayenne in it). The combination worked very well, although the jam was not very sticky. This normally does not matter so much, because the cake is subsequently wrapped with marzipan. But I did not want to wrap it with marzipan. I considered roll-out or paste-on icing for a moment, but then thought the cake would taste much nicer coated with more jam and chocolate sprinkle! And I think I was right! 😀

Another friend then tried to draw on a Windows task bar and folders on the plate with icing, but underestimated the challenge a little… 😉

If you need to recreate it for some reason, here is the recipe for a small-ish cake (I resisted using my big roasting tin for a super-size version…):

150g butter
150g sugar
3 eggs
orange flavouring (and maybe a little vanilla, if you’ve got any)
150g self-raising flour or plain flour with a little baking powder
red, yellow and blue food-colouring (green you get by mixing blue and yellow, of course)

tinfoil (for making the ‘grooves’)
a square or rectangular cake tin


3 responses to “Windows7 theme party cake

  1. Excellent! love it 🙂

  2. Really well done, the chocolate bugs idea is hilarious, I would definitely add that in being a windows user myself.

  3. Please send a picture if you do make this cake – with or without bugs 😉

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