Another lost skill – Handling change

I know I’m probably the only person who still pays in cash at the supermarket – at least it feels like it everytime I’m in my local supermarket. When I have to pay an amount, let’s say £2.72 and I do not have the correct amount, but have £3 and two pennies, then I will give the cashier £3.02 to receive 30 pence in cash. My reasoning is from my experience as a cashier that it is making things easier for both parties involved – no thick wallet plus coins I can use in machines for me, no counting and loss of coppers for the cashier (they need to give these out quite frequently). But no, there are so many people who don’t seem to get it, even after decades (!) of working as cashiers. The usual situation is: they either overlook the two pence coin and give me the wrong change or ask ‘why did you give me 2 pence’? Usually one following the other.

Erm… how do cashiers get trained these days? If I wasn’t already notorious at my local supermarket’s customer service point (the second supermarket now that seems to think I’m a criminal for wearing black hoodies), I would actually complain about this – not because I care for my pennies, but because I fear for the CASH(!)ier profession. Are there so few people using cash these days or is nobody else using basic logic while paying for their groceries? Thankfully, the guys at the local market stall still know this stuff. I just wish markets were open at night when most people come from work!


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