Final Cheese Fest

My friend left today, so I created a final cheesefest in her honour! I don’t normally eat a lot of cheese, partly because it is so expensive, but I just had to have this cheesefest culminate in a final display of excess!
The picture above is the Lemon, Lime & Ginger Cheesecake which will make any dieter faint on sight. I normally prefer baked cheesecake with quark, but this one is my friend’s favourite! The base is made with crushed ginger nuts and melted butter. The topping is made with a combination of

lemon & lime juice & zest
icing sugar
whipped double cream
creme fraiche

The second cheesiness I produced was Macaroni Cheese. I boiled macaroni and made a sauce for them from:

double cream
creme fraiche
wholegrain mustard
cooked & mashed broccoli
crushed blue cheese
grated cheddar & parmesan
salt, pepper (and I think a dash of nutmeg & paprika & cayenne)

After today, I think some fasting is appropriate in a reverse kind of Ramadan spirit…


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