Guest cooking 2 – Figs & experiments with fermented milk

I love fresh figs! They are very cheap at the moment, so I get them as often as I can. My favourite way of eating them is after a recipe from volunteer work. I make them slightly differently though – and without the mascarpone! Here is the recipe:

Cut figs open so they almost fall open like a flower. Mix a bit of honey (try to get creamy honey, but if you don’t have or can’t afford honey, just dissolve some sugar in butter) with some rose water and some orange flower water (careful with the latter, it’s pretty intense!) and a bit of butter. Spoon the runny mixture into the figs.
Bake for about 15-20 mins at Gas Mark 6. I eat the warm figs plain without any custard, mascarpone or ice cream or pistachio nuts, but you can eat them with anything you like!

My temporary room-mate also got some figs and wrapped quarters of them with some ultra-thin bacon type stuff (parma ham?). She put four at a time on kebab sticks and grilled them until they were crispy!

She also made some lasagna, substituting the bechamel sauce with yoghurt and a bit of quark (she normally uses crème fraîche, but I didn’t have any). That was also nice!

Here are two stages of a banana dessert I made up today. I sometimes have cravings for these semi-toxic cheesecake-mixture cheesecakes. I had to find out last week that Green’s cheesecake has altered its recipe for the worse: the topping is less tasty and you also get far too much base now! So I made the base with a third of the crumbs, improving the recipe to a degree. I then kept the remaining two thirds of the base. Today, I finally thought of a use for it! I made up some more base with some butter (you can also use crushed biscuits with butter – digestives or ginger nuts work best!), flattened it in bowls, cut some banana slices on top of it and covered everything with my friend’s custard. I also added some of the chocolate sprinkle my mum had sent me. The result looks like this and tasted yummy!


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