Guest cooking

I have acquired a temporary room mate! So, amongst sharing just about everything, we also share the cooking! The first novel thing that appeared in the kitchen was a fruit-yoghurt smoothie with oats and seeds. Makes a very good breakfast and can be used to get rid of all sorts of things lurking on the shelf, in the fridge and in the fruitbowl… Today, I managed to even grind down a super-hard apple with my rubbish hand-blender. My friend had treated me to some berries, so I also put a few of those in as well as an over-ripe banana, a handful of oats, half a lemon (juice only!) and some yoghurt. With this, we had my creation from last night: kamut-spelt bread:

To make it, I used
about 400g kamut flour, about 150-200g spelt flour
sour dough
1 packet of yeast
1 tbsp salt
generous dash of vegetable oil
about 500 ml warm water
generous dash of honey
spices (I think I used caraway, fennel, cardamom)
linseed, mixed seeds

I let the bread rise at room temperature, then kneaded and bashed it about a bit, then let it rise in the baking tin for a bit (for a bit too long, actually, because we forgot about it, hence the flatness of the bread…) and baked it for about 70 mins at Gas Mark 6. I also sprayed it a bit with water just after it had left the oven. The bread it very moist and tasty!

I have to say that my friend is also pretty cheese-crazy and not too keen on veg, so the kitchen is seeing a lot of cheese influx. Even the tomato sauce on the pizza gets substituted by spiced cream cheese during joint cooking projects! Apart from the cream cheese base (stretched with milk and with some added cayenne pepper), the pizza topping consisted of a spinach-garlic-onion-spice mixture that my friend pre-cooked, toasted seeds and…. more cheese! Anybody with tomato allergies? 😉
I made the dough as usual, but with a mixture of plain flour, kamut and spelt, because I was too lazy to go to the shop and get more plain flour. I accidentally made too much dough, so we had some left to make rolls with (see below).

Another example of my friend’s cheese-mania is the bluecheese risotto. Technically, it is not a risotto, but it very much tastes like one. I steamed some long grain and wild rice while my friend fried portobello mushroom cubes, courgettes, shallots and garlic. She then added the rice as well as cubes of blue cheese, mature cheddar and bits of philadelphia. The whole thing got seasoned with salt and pepper. Tastes great, but it obviously a very rich dish. Good for using up cheeseboard leftovers that otherwise might wander into bins at work…

Btw the next day, we had the same dish with some fried quorn pieces (half price!) and Italian herbs (dried, supermarket’s own brand). Also great.


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