Apple & Pear ‘Sunflower’ Tart with Lemon & Poppy Seeds

Last winter I had a really nice pear, lemon and poppy seed tart at a cafe in South London. Yesterday, I made my first attempt at re-creating it!
I made a simple pastry dough from 150g plain flour, 25g sugar, 125g butter and a bit of water, pre-baked it and filled it with a mixture of (approximately) 1 egg, 60g butter, 60 g sugar, 50g flour, lemon juice, lemon peel, poppy seeds and some real vanilla that my friend and fellow foodblogger from Schnuppensuppe sent me! (thank you! 🙂 ) (Yes, I forgot the baking powder!) And, of course, lots of pear and apple slices (at least 1 large apple & 1 pear). I then brushed the fruit slices with butter and sugar and baked the whole lot for a good 45 mins. When the cake came out of the oven, I additionally brushed the top with some hot marmelade. Verdict: quite a good cake, but the lemon and poppy seed filling could be improved. Next time, don’t forget the baking powder maybe?


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