Last week’s highlights…

Once again, it was burger time. I made two types of burgers: quorn mince burgers (see picture) and quorn chicken burgers (forgot to take a picture). Both worked out nicely, although i thought the texture of the mince burgers was better than that of the chicken burgers. Must work on that soon! Anyway, for both burgers I used some peculiar bread I had found in the reduced to clear pile in Waitrose, containing wheat, rye and caraway seeds. The bread spices added a very nice note to the burgers. Here is the recipe:


any light bread (you can add the caraway seeds yourself), soaked with water or stock and squeezed out


mustard powder

paprika powder



1 bag of quorn mince

shallots, chopped finely


3 XL eggs (also found a packet of them in the reduced to clear pile)

a bit of flour

Heat oil in a pan and fry patties made from this mixture.

With the chicken burgers, I put the quorn chicken pieces and everything in the food processor and altered the spice combination. I cannot remember exactly how, though. The result looked and tasted a lot like processed chicken.

These toasties look like they want to be steaks!

This is another quick snack courtesy of my balcony greens: two slices of spelt or rye bread (I think I ate about four in total!), tomato puree, buy1get1free red leicester cheese and chopped spring onions (added later when the toasties came out of the grill).

This is where the spring onions came from. I might not be the greatest gardener, but hey, I’ve managed to grow something, even if it’s just in a plastic bag…

This was one of my breakfast shakes from fruit that needed eating: full fat live yoghurt, half a lemon, 1 kiwi, 1 banana, 1 plum. No sugar needed.

This was my true pride and joy of last week: a very light and very tasty spelt & wheat bread, adding a bit of oil to my usual recipe (spelt apparently needs a bit of fat).

Ah, and I found a nice combination of things to make good rice balls with! For the rice balls, take 1 mug of pudding rice, wash it, soak it in another mug of water for at least 30 mins. Add a little more water and some salt and cook the rice for about 10 mins or until you hear that the rice is getting dry at the bottom. stir in:

2 chopped spring onions with greens and all

1-2 tbsp sesame seeds

a healthy dose of cayenne pepper

Leave to rest for a bit. When adequately infused and cooled down enough for you to handle the mixture, start forming rice triangles. I usually eat one half immediately and the other half later or the next day! Also nice with pickles on the side.


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