More experiments…

Two nights ago, the local 24-hr-supermarket had goatsmilk reduced to 35p. Best before date was that day, and it was 5 mins before midnight. I thought ‘what the heck’ and bought all three tetra packs. After all, those goats put so much work into producing this milk, it should not be wasted. I drank half a litre that night because it was so delicious (didn’t taste that goaty at all!), turned the other half litre into pudding and then heated and cooled the remaining 2 litres to make yoghurt. The pudding tastes great, the yoghurt is a bit thin, but suitable for shakes! The shake in the photo is banana & lemon.

This is the pudding I made from the goats milk. Combined with some of my homemade strawberry jam!

I made this dish up from some leftovers at my friends’ place. It’s a very primitive version of Mexican rice without onions or any other veg but garlic and the tomato puree. I can’t even remember if I put any spices in there apart from two cubes of veg stock. Was very tasty, though and had the perfect texture!

The ‘curry’ was not really a curry and contained spinach, veggie mince, pasta sauce, mushrooms, cinnamon and carrots. It tasted like an Italian-Indian-Mexican crossover, but in a nice way! My friend said it reminded her of Iranian food.

I like making stuff with tea or other infusions. This one is a rosehip and rosewater ice lolly. I think I brewed the rosehip tea, added sugar and a dash of rosewater. May also have put lemon, lime and/or honey. Is tasty!

A combination of three milkshake powders that friends got me from various countries. Makes one tasty shake! From bottom to top: Banania (chocolate milkshake from France), Kaba Vanilla (from Germany), Carnation Malted Milk (from the US). Unfortunately, I had run out of my favourite milkshake powder: Milo (from Australia, but the Chinese wholesale place a couple of miles away stocks it – hooray! ).s


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