This week’s odd creations…

This week saw a strange mix of indulgence and leftover recycling. Highlights of the week included a pasta sauce made at a friend’s place from lonely stuff sitting in the fridge the following way:

Chop finely and fry in some vegetable oil:

1 large-ish onion
crushed garlic
1/3 chilli
1 carrot
tin of mushrooms in water
2 celery sticks

1 cup of tomato puree
1 cup of water
salt, pepper
olive oil

Leave to simmer for a bit, blend and leave to rest for a bit. Tasty!!

Also made some veggie burgers with veggie mince which freaked out a vegetarian visitor due to their meaty consistency and taste. Very entertaining. Served half of them as bhaji with more onions in them and mint dip made from full-fat yoghurt, mint, salt and sugar.

And here is another of my trademark cranberry and buckwheat gateaux – this time without nuts as I was too lazy to chop them in the middle of the night (also being considerate to neighbours 😉 ). I wanted to experiment with the decoration and wondered whether to replace the usual circles with triangles and other shapes. I launched into a design pretty much at random – after all, I only had five minutes (!) to decorate it in the morning. When the design ventured towards the occult, I decided this maybe wasn’t such as good thing to bring to a retirement party, so I turned it into a somewhat pathetic ‘attention! stay happy!’ cake… erm…

While rummaging around in my baking cupboard, I also found a small quantity of leftover mesquite meal which was promptly turned into more ‘scones’. Once more, I had to alter the recipe by substituting the yoghurt with full fat fromage frais and a dash of milk. Makes the whole thing puffier and more scone-like. Did not put enough honey in (though more than in the recipe), so I ate the scones with some leftover tomato jam (!) – yummy!

The last thing I made this week was a make-shift dinner consisting of a veggie sausage butty with ketchup and… onigiri (Japanese rice balls). As I have run out of onigiri mix, I made them with sesame seeds and cayenne pepper. They could have done with some pickles inside – maybe finely chopped pickled sweetcorn?


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