Green Bean and Carrot Soup

Another (lazy and) great leftover recycler. Leftover green beans from ages ago, limpy carrots and half an onion from the back of the fridge, two forlorn veggie sausages, an overload of garlic -perfect! All the ingredients were there! I only needed to throw all of them – except the veggie sauages – into a pot, stir them for a while, add a bit of water and wait until the ingredients had flavoured the stock enough (you can also ‘cheat’ with some veggie stock and if you are a carnivore you can eat meat or other leftover/otherwise unwanted animal parts for flavour). I pureed the soup, fried some veggie sausage (quite crispy!) and chopped them into the tasty green mush! It then looked like this:

Not exactly the most enticing picture, but honest 😉 Was nice just by itself with a big malty milkshake!


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