Recycling Mashed Potato – Potato Bread

The other day, they had lots of bags of potatoes ‘reduced to clear’ (Anya potatoes actually). Although I don’t eat potatoes very often, I couldn’t walk past them, so I bought a bag. What to do with a bag of potatoes that is almost starting to sprout? The first thing that came to my mind was bangers & mash, so I tried out how the potatoes fared in this combination. Not terribly well, I had to find out, which may have to do with the fact that I forgot the potatoes for another two days on the kitchen table in their plastic bag, which didn’t exactly improve their condition. Not wanting to eat the rest of the mashed potato, I also did not want to throw it away. The options I had were: make burgers, potato cakes, dumplings… or bread!
I looked up some recipes on the internet, but most potato breads required raw, grated potatoes. So I made up my own recipe. Checking the flour shelf, I noticed that I also did not have much flour left, so I had to throw together bits of random flour leftovers. The result is truly a leftovers-bread!

about 600g mashed potato including milk/butter, spices
about 600g mix of different flours (plain, wholemeal, spelt)
about 400ml water
tsp honey
more spices (caraway, fennel, coriander)
half a bag of sourdough (i found this left over in the fridge, too, so i just put it in)
2 packets of dried yeast
olive oil

Leave to rise, knock it about about, leave to rise again, put it into the oven for about 75 mins at 200 degrees celsius/gas mark 6 – ish.

It felt a bit like a recipe for disaster, but it actually turned out nicely! It's quite heavy though, but that probably also has to do with me putting the dough into the fridge over night and not letting it rise long enough after taking it out and not leaving it in the oven for long enough, because I had to fit the bread making round a crazy schedule!


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