Japan Food Pt 4 & Plane Food Toasties

I think these are my last food items from Japan. Left: green tea flavoured chocolate chip cookies. Right: Lemon and Black Sesame biscuits. Both are delicious!! And I must steal the recipes!

And here is a photo I completely forgot about…

On the way back from Japan, the last plane we took had lots of leftover cheese rolls. The steward asked us whether we wanted to take them home (he must have recognised us as hungry musician types) – otherwise he had to throw them away. Throwing food away – no way! Toastie maker to the rescue! I took the whole lot and turned them into toasties over the course of two days. Not exactly a healthy diet, but hey, it’s free food that doesn’t go to waste! And you can always have salad with them 😉 So, next time you get off the plane ask for spare sandwiches, and you won’t have to think about what to eat for the first half of the week upon your return…


One response to “Japan Food Pt 4 & Plane Food Toasties

  1. Just came back from a week in Japan – we ate those green tea/chocolate chip cookies for breakfast most days! Delicious.

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